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Subdivision, Subcrew

just wondering if any of you shop at Subdivision down at water street? What you get there? any of you wear Subcrew React stuff?

2 Weeks ago in Canada

How Do You Wash Your Tees?

I was wondering how everyone washes their tees, because ive noticed over time the print on my stussy is starting to fade, i know every tee will eventually wear out, but i want to know what method of washing will make the tee last longer? Does hand washing or machine wash have that much of a significant difference in tees? Or is it just about the same?

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

Black Adidas jacket w/ neon yellow stripes?

So i was rewatching some old movies the other day and caught my eye on something a guy was wearing, it had the classic adidas jacket design... the stripes on arms, but im not sure if its actually Adidas, then on the back it says "NightKidz" (the name of a racing crew the character was in). I was just wondering if this jacket is actually for sale in real life, or maybe a jacket that looks similar to it (black adidas jacket design, bright yellow stripes), please post a link or picture up if you find or know of one, thanks blushing heres some pics of what i saw. (the guy with arms crossed) [Image]

2 Weeks ago in Adidas