Two Finger Rings

Hey I have been wanting a two finger ring for a while now does any one know of any designers or companies that have some sick rings

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

St. Patrick's Day Tee

Hey does any one know any companies that have or will be dropping a St. Patrick's day tee

2 Weeks ago in Fashion


Hey I was trying to find an awesome can coozy or koozie how ever you want to spell it. Does any one know of any one who makes sweet ones.

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

What To Rock

hey i am not huge into denim but im looking to pick up a couple pairs of new jeans. i am heaveyset dude so im rocking like a 36. any one got any suggestions though

2 Weeks ago in Denim

cleveland area

hey i am kinda new to the street fashion world i was wondering if any one knew of any were in cleveland that was selling real shit cause all i have found is a bunch of fake stuff so if you know anything help me out

2 Weeks ago in Fashion