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[FS] Levis Saddlemans (33), APC NS (32), Supreme Miles Davis + Supreme Team tees (M), Saurier, more

I'm located in Bay Area.  Prefer Paypal.  Getting rid of my old clothes, nothing has been worn since ~2010.  Shirts just look a little wrinkly cause they've been in storage.  Some of the pictures came out small, PM me if you want better pics. Levis Saddlemans (33x34).   $70 OBO. Been in storage since 2010.  Crotch has been patched up and there's a small tear at the bottom of the right ankle cuff.  Everything else is great.  Look fucking cool like these guys. [Image]

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[WTS] DS APC New Cures (31), $90 SHIPPED

Received these as a gift, and they've been sitting in my closet for the last 1.5 years. Tried on once. BUY THIS SHIT PLEASE. Paypal only, located in Norcal.   [Image]

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[WTB] Slightly used raw denim, sz 30-31

Tryna buy a slightly used pair of raw denim on the cheap. Don't really care about the brands, so just shoot me offers. Looking for sizes 30-31 (my true waist is about 32). Thanks!

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[WTS/pickups] Kirkland tees, pack of 4 (black/medium)

Got an unopened pack of 4 Kirkland black tees in Medium for sale. Kirkland tees are honestly the best plain tees I've ever owned, good length, fairly slim fit and thick material. I might be able to do more pickups from my local Costco as well (white/gray/black). [Image] $45 shipped, Paypal only thanks.

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[FS] Supreme ”Hellbound” two tone hoodie (S)

SOLD [Image]

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Got dat first DUI. How fcked am I?

To summarize this as quickly as possible: - Was visiting home for the weekend. Before heading back, I went to Dave and Busters with a bunch of friends. Drank from like 9:30 PM - 11 PM. Left the place around 12:30. - Got food afterward to try and sober up. I started driving back to school (~2 hours away) around 2 AM with my friend. - Dozed off on the freeway, drifted into the center divider and scraped the left side of my car. (Mirror snapped off, headlight is pretty fucked up, scratches along the sides) - Pulled into a parking lot to assess damage. Cop pulls up like 5 minutes later and says he didn't see what happened, but was concerned because it's 3 AM and we're in a random parking lot looking at our car. - He puts me through some field sobriety tests. I honestly believed I passed them all perfectly (friend can vouch), but then he asks me to take a breathalyzer. In California, if you refuse a BAC test, your license is suspended for a full year, so I just took it. I blew a 0.12%. Later, I find out they tested my friend, but he passed with a 0.05%. - Cop cuffs me for DUI, takes me to the station 5 minutes away, makes me take another BAC test (blew a 0.11% I think), processes my paperwork, and releases me to my friend. Entire encounter with the cops took maybe an hour max, was very cooperative, we were all pretty friendly with each other. The only positive things I can think of are: - Cop didn't see me driving, though I'm fucking retarded and told him I was - Friend was sober/passed the BAC test, so it can show that he trusted us to drive us home. - Breathalyzers aren't always calibrated properly - It's possible that my BAC was actually lower when I started driving (there's some scientific explanation behind this, something to do with how fast it's being absorbed) Obviously, lookin back, I should've kept my mouth shut, but I was nervous and this was my first offense with the law(only previous run-in was for running a stop sign a few weeks ago), so I probably spoke way too much. I could've said that we've been chilling in the parking lot for a while, or lied and said we didn't drink at all so maybe he would've just left us alone. Lotta "what if's", but what's done is done and I'm gonna have to deal with this. Is it advisable to fight it? I spoke with a pretty reputable lawyer from the area, and he said if you can afford to, it's best to fight it because admitting guilt won't get you off any easier. Any of yall have experience with DUI's? I know it'll be on my record for 7 years, but it's a misdemeanor (most apps just ask for felonies), and even if an employer does a background check, DUI's are getting pretty common now, so it's not a huge deal unless you have more than one.

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Uniqlo Olive/Black Vintage Chinos (32)

Looking for a pair of Uniqlo vintage chinos in black and olive. Give me a price or PM me if you can do proxy pick ups. Thanks. [Image]

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[WTS] DS APC New Cures, sz 31

Got a brand new pair of indigo APC New Cures (sz 31) as a gift. These have been tried on once. [B]$95 shipped Paypal. [/B] [Image]

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Supreme Appletown tanktop, sz L

Looking for a Supreme Appletown tanktop, size Large. Let me know what colors you got. [Image]

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Pair of used indigo denim, sz. 30-32 (APC/Skull/Sams/etc..)

Looking to spend <$90 on a cheap used pair of indigo raw denim; APC NS's, Skulls, Samurais, PBJs, Imperials, Eternals, Flatheads...you name it. edit: no Nudies or Evisus, sorry. My waist size is about 31.5, so keep that in mind. Paypal only, PM me!

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Levis Saddlemans, size 31/32

Looking to buy a pair of Saddlemans, 31x34 or 32x34 please. Get at me.

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My original topic: [URL] He PMs me saying he'll sell me his pair of Saddlemans. We talk, and I eventually send him the $120 we agreed on on 12/8. A few days pass, and he says he sent them out on 12/14. It's been nearly 2 weeks, and I've yet to receive anything. I've sent him an email, PMed him on the forums, and also opened a Paypal dispute, but he still hasn't responded. I know he's there, he last logged in 12/25 and even posted a fit pic in the WDYWT thread... So either this guy is scamming me, or USPS shipping is slow as shit PMs: [Image]

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WoW timecards

i know some of you nikkas must be stealing these. PM me with a price, 30 day preferred.

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Used APC New Standards, sz 28

Selling my used pair of indigo APC New Standards. Bought them new about 2 years ago, worn on and off since. Never been soaked or washed. Still a ton of indigo left. Shit should look real nice after a wash. I would keep them myself, but I don't fit them anymore. $80 shipped Paypal, open to denim trades; size 31-32 [Image]

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Vans Chukka del Barco LX, Black/Turtledove, size 8.5

$40 shipped. Bought them off the forums a year ago. Only wore them maybe 6-7 times because they fit a bit too tight on me (a snug size 9). 8/10 condition, minor dirt/wear, bottom of soles are still pretty clean. Ask if you want more pics. Paypal only. [Image]

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