[Toronto] Official Tailors Thread

This is a good thread, excellent find. I'll need to hit these places up

2 Weeks ago in Canada

[FS] Y3 Red Honja Hi's (rare)

Hey everyone, I'm totally new to this site but I typically browse on Superfuture often. I came here to inform you all that I'm currently selling my Adidas Y3 Honja Hi in candy apple red. It's a rare colour that can't be found anywhere due to its limited quantity, however I have a size 8 (which can fit an 8.5-9) up for grabs. Asking price is $160.00 but will knock off 5 bucks if you cop em soon. Unfortunately I can't post any links to my photos since this is my first time and I'm not going to spam for attention, however if you're interested I can send you a link via PM and we can go from there. Thanks a lot, Fatal

2 Weeks ago in Sneakers