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who here listens to reggaeton?

I dance with females to reggae. I fuck females to R&B. Reggaeton serves no purpose...its a bad mixture of dancehall & spanish hip-hop...has NO subject matter except for the same repetitive shit, all the dudes flows sound the same, its just corny.

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Hypebeast I Need Your Help. 8820 or Curve 8300?


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Keep rockin the buzz, or grow it out?!

keep the buzz, get a fucking half moon and keep it moving

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Lupe v. Phonte (Fiascogate: Hip Hop Honors)

man mother fuck Lupe ...It doesn't matter what the fuck these little *****s listen to. Look at HIS music, its NOTHING LIKE that gangster shit he claims he banged, He even stated at one point his favorite emcee was Nas WTF is wrong wit this kid !? This little *****'s a brat and a bitch ! his music is dope but the way this nikka is handling this situation is wack , he even LIED and said Q TIP WANTED him to do it ! Q TIP pubicly stated he or anyone else in TRIBE DID NOT ! and he even called their music "BackPack" music. Im glad Phonte got in his ass ! what about his statements he said about Hip Hop when he was talking about The cool ? he said hes only coming out with one more album after the cool because he doesent want to sound repetitive and shit...like nikka wtf check it here "Format: That

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Best Tribe Album?


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who here listens to reggaeton?

Reggaeton is the worst shit ever.

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