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I Love You, Man

So I went to see '[URL]' last weekend and thought it was hilarious. After seeing Paul Rudd in 'Role Models' I knew this would be good! Paul Rudd and Jason Segel were a great Bromantic couple lol [Image] Anyone else see it yet? Wondering what you thought...

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Sunshine Cleaning

[CENTER][Image][/CENTER] Has anyone heard about or seen this movie yet? What caught my attention was that it is a dark comedy that is directed by the same people as 'Little Miss Sunshine.' It came out a few weeks ago but only with limited release... waiting to see it this weekend when it opens at my local theater... can't wait! Trailer: [URL]

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Volvo S40 <3

I just bought my first car on my own... I got a 2007 Volvo S40 in white. I absolutely love it... It handles so well and has great gas mileage. Anyone else drive a Volvo?

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What is your most favorite brand of denim?

What you most FAVORITE brand of DENIM? everyone answer lets see how long this forum would be...

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"At Home with Danica Patrick"

has anyone seen the show, "At Home with Danica Patrick" ? its such a funny spoof on all those day time talk shows haha.

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2008 Grand Prix of Sanoma

Is anyone going to be watching the 2008 Grand Prix of Sonoma? and Motorola is holding a sweepstakes where you can win suite tickets and other stuff too.

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Indy Car Race Fans?

Danica Patrick made history for being the first woman to win a Indy Car Race yayayyy! anybody a fan of hers or seen her new show "At Home with Danica Patrick" ?

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Danica Patrick?

anyone a fan of Danica Patrick?

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Whatcha eating?

I'm craving breakfast food. I could use some pancakes, sausage, and eggs. Or a bowl of cereal. What do you typically eat for breakfast?

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Seeing Mr. Sutherland getting his DUI got me wondering when the new season of 24 will start. Does anyone know?

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I've never whitened my teeth before. I just got a box of Aquafresh White Trays...has anyone tried these before?

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