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Penfield 2 tone vassan vs Penfield Gibson

You can see the measurements of the gibson jacket but not the vassan jacket on oipolloi.com (I can't post links because of lack of posts). Just click on "sizing". Don't know how reliable the measurements are though.

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Penfield 2 tone vassan vs Penfield Gibson

I bought a Penfield pullover windbreaker in a medium a few years ago, and it is quite long and wide. I am around 180cm and 160lbs, if that helps. I guess the best way is to ask them for measurments. and I think the gibson looks nicer lol

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Official NBA Discusion Thread

Demar's between the legs alley oop was way more difficult than Blake's windmill alley oop, which he had to settle for because he couldn't do the 360. And Demar got a 44, while Blake got 46? WTF.

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Official Livestock thread.

Are you guys getting vans vault inca flowers sk8 hi's? Thanks in advance!

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OFFICIAL Vancouver Shopping Guide

^ cus it's new years

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Toronto Raptor Fans

we need Chuck Swirsky back

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livestock has some hundreds snapbacks

2 Weeks ago in Canada

levis520 and cheap monday jeans in vancouver?

plenty has both levis 520 and cheap monday

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HK People Check In!

hi everyone does anyone know where i can get nike acg huaraches? [URL] thanks in advance

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Nudie jeans in Vancouver

j2 in oakridge n hill's in kerrisdale

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Raw denim in Vancouver??

^haha try dutil 303 West Cordova Street Vancouver, BC V6B 1E5 604-688-8892 [URL]

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Where can i pick up ice creams in vancouver?

i think complex in gastown has a couple of pairs left just call them or something they are around 70 bucks..i think

2 Weeks ago in Canada

Sunglasses in vancouver?

I really don't know much about sunglasses so i might be talking nonsense but the ones i see at the original adidas store are pretty nice for that price range

2 Weeks ago in Canada

any1 know where/when i can get vans syn 005 in vancity area?

yes antisocial has the bulletproofs in white, grey, and black but i think only in sizes 10 to 12 but just call them to make sure i got the black ones 2 weeks ago they are $99 before tax

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Lupe Choking H*es Up!

no.. challenge him to a fit battle in the off-topic section

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