Hb socal meetup/party at brendan's house this summer whattup

ayyyo dat niggga brendan throwing a party at his OC crib this summer, all my HB LA/OC/SD (Socal in general) niggggas, we in there. Everybody bring an 1/8th or some alcohol, some bitches, whatever. date will be announced soon. If Brendan fails he gon get fucked up WE IN THERE, HB CALI WHATTUP

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Murs isn't talked about enough on here

appreciation threadsmokeyface just one of my favorite joints [URL]

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What you know vs. Who you know.

This was talked about in that college dropout thread, but forget the school part, I just wanna know people's opinions on just this topic. I think who you know is more important. Knowing the right people can help you get a lot of breaks in your favor. And even for people with great knowledge, there are people with just as much knowledge and you can get beat out for jobs based on the other candidate having affiliation with the company or the person hiring. But yeah, I was part of the reason the other thread became arguing rather than debating, but let's just keep it cool and keep it a debate rather than argumentsmokeyface

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Monique wins oscar!!!!

Damnn!! Black people winnin!!!!

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Failure & Donaldray Present: The Community College Kids

Me and Donaldray are making a group. We ain't fuckin playin with y'all bitch nigggas anymore. All these University educated *****s talking all that shit. So we decided to make our rap group and we fighting back against all the bitch ass nigggas on Hypebeast with their University educated selves. Fuck y'all nigggas, for real. Y'all ain't got a planetarium like us. Y'all aint playing $20 a unit like us niggga. But ayyo, fuck that niggga Stino especially. Yeah, we calling you out nig! You a homo ass dude, talkin all that shit, lying about fucking models, lying about throwing A-list parties. Only thing you aint lyin about is that $10k piece of shit you driving my dude. So yeah, fuck you my nigggga. So yeah, we about to drop our new album soon, called "Fuck University." Our first single is gonna be called "Planetarium" and our street single is gonna be called "PlayfagStino" fuck guru also, and all them other university nigggas SHOUT OUT TO CANVAS btw [B]The Community College Kids: FUCK UNIVERSITY [/B] [Image] FUCK THE HATERS>smh STINO, WE COMING FOR YOU ANYBODY GOT A PROBLEM, WE COMING FOR Y'ALL HEADS MAN SHOUT OUT TO THE SHOUTBOX, I LOVE Y'ALL NIGGGAS COMMUNITY COLLEGE REPPIN, PLANITARIUM SWIMMIN NIGGGASsmokeyface

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People underestimate Phil Jackson's opinion

when it comes Kobe-MJ comaprisons. People say Kobe isn't even near MJ level or something, when its obvious Kobe is very close MJ even though he probably will never be better But Phil has been accuratly comapring them for some time now....and rightfully so....he would know best. For people like Juki trying to hate on Kobe's clutch, right from Phil's mouth "I don't know who I would choose to take the last shot, but, I do know that Michael had way easier shots and better looks like Kobe does" Why do people try to act like what Kobe does isn't on some top 3 of All Time shit?

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Big Sean - Supa Dupa Lemonade Freestyle

this dude absolutely killed this shit [URL]

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DOM Kennedy Menace Beach video


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Greg Oden is very suspect after this video

[URL] for real dude?

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[FS] DS Damien Hirst Box Tee! Size L

Aight I got a never worn, never even tried on damien hirst box tee for sale. Bought online so no tags. Taking offers, and only looking to trade if its a box tee in the same condition in a M or a L. Rather sell it though BIN is $80 shipped but I'm taking offers. [B][I][U]PAYPAL ONLY (4%)[/U][/I][/B] Shipping will be USPS Priority with confirmation pics: [Image]

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DOM KENNEDY ft Slim Thug and Rich Boy (with Cannon) - Hard Work Remix

DOM went in on this shit. He ain't playin!smokeyface [URL]

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MVPuppet commercial with Lupe rapping!!!

[URL] this one is hilarious

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Happy birthday Jay-z! (The Big 4-0!)

He's no longer Young Hova and shit. Kinda crazy that dude is 40 years old and shit

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HB'ers that go to NYU

sup yall.....does anyone here go to NYU? I'm currently going to a JC out here in LA....but thinking when it's time to transfer I might want a change of scenery and go out of state. But being from LA....the only other city that is comparable in NYC. And I'm a business major and I know NYU is a very good business school, so it seems like it'd be a good school for me. Anyone who goes there......how is it? Do y'all enjoy it? And how hard is it to get into the school? Just lemme know what y'all think of the campus, dorm life, and the school and general. I'mma be trying to get in for the 2011-2012 school year

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Denim Jackets

sup fellas Anyone know where I could a get a nice reasonably priced denim jacket? Looking for something not too expensive

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