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So i've never been stalked

Before in this HB member came in [URL] Yeah it's pretty sad and pathetic if you ask me. This kid gots only 60 post and where ever i post he post right back at me. Bitch got mad cuz i always replied with "lol" or "lmao" apparently he boyfriend gives him anal every time i post. Not only that he revived a thread that was to yrs old when i took jacobs pic. So i guess my lesson was learned and anyhow this person is a hb with mutiple accounts cuz i think i know this bitch. so i guess he mad me realize something sometimes i guess you can never put your past behind. which is true kids is mad at me cuz i fucked his girl. But i'll kick his ass when i see him. HB is a home for us, we check it every damn 5mins and we laugh our asses off with some stupid post, some of us get touched by the powerful pic thread and some of us jerk of to the jailbait thread, it's what hb is. So i guess its been real fun. and thanks to all "D", 1234, A D D I C, Acee, adnanZ, AimSniff, almost801, AlwayS_DreSSeD, alwayZz, applejuice, b4., Bandwagon, Beach2theBay, BearFoot, BH88, BIG JOEY, bigmike8946, bitchpleeeasee, bkrawk, bocadin gio, Brooklyn_718, bthedj, btw im deca, buffaloclone, cakeeater, CamTitanic, Canvas08, Capt Baho, caseem, cheaprada, chrometide, Clothes_addict, collinsboi, CONQ, Crash B., damnwitless2, dan.c, DaTruth1, Daws, Dieneme, Diyhai, Doom PhD, Dopeski, Dr. Dog, drewAM, dunkster, EddieB, efa5, Ego Death, eku017, equity space, estoybien, Exo, F033x, Failure Pt.5, filipin0y, FLY OR DIE, G0NZ, Gfolife, gibsond, gnanu, GULLY MONSTER, Henrik, HighSchool, Hitzz, Hobbes., HoyItsjacoBUH, Hypnotizedd, iansllvn, iericparki, igotssssoul, Imco0l, imcumming, in space, Indecisive, innovazn, J Escobar, Jagabee, jaron, JAWESUM, jlaz93, jmhl, Joey From 181, JohnDazFloo, jraed, k3vin fr3sh, kaizokuou, KiD SwagEm, Killypants, kink bmx 223, kp23, Kwesi, Lin, livestok, LoLife, Love, lucky, method47, Milk says OWWW, mkintaiwan, MNWKA, modernmischief, mookie32155, moviesxkicks, mrkehbyners, murdaaa, N1njai, naturefreak, nemesi5, Nikita Tu, Nit$uJ, Nitsuj, oinkoinkpig, OMJOSEM, OneWingPrince+, only cure, ony, payattention, PootieTang, Popper, PTSAI, Puneater, PUR3GEN31US, Ricco Suav

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I got

$3,000-$5,000 for a car im just being patient and waiting for the right one i see any recommendations I was thinking about getting a VW jetta 1999 and up new body style Are jettas always fucking up? my friend keeps saying his jetta keeps giving issues. any jetta owners here? Help HB fam. thanks

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2010 most Influential People.

Time names 100 2010 influential people. there's good people out there. [URL]

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Post your fav Demotivators


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The Legend of Zelda (2010 wii game)

[Image] [Quote] the only reason i bought a wii and for smash

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Ong Bak 3

[URL] thoughts

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So you

have $1,000 to spend within 24hrs What would you spend it on?

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Apple sues HTC

Apple files a law suit againt htc. As some of you may know htc OS android Has gained lot of reputation. Apple knows its their only competitor. [URL]

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Where do you see yourself in 5yrs?

Will you be getting a degree? Will you be getting married? Have kids? Maybe you'll get promoted on your job Will you still be hb-ing in 5yrs Maybe you'll move! Maybe you'll go to jail Maybe you be the next mod in here Just wondering

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Recommend me a Mac

Laptop. I know there are plenty of mac users here Ima switch from pc to macblushing I want it for music games surfing internet Just the regular stuff My budget is $1500 I will purchase this between 2 weeks or so I want a Macbook pro is that good? [URL] What should I look for when purchasing a mac? Should I get apple care? And somebody told me there is a student discount or something like that? Anyway thanks in advance

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Android Users

How many Droid users we got here? What are some good apps, games, etc... [Image] (I know tmobile G1 is suppose to get a update called "Enclaire")

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Songs that are stuck in your head

Fuck I can't get 15 step by radiohead out of my mind...shit

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Cooking Thread

Yo Hb i Know some of you Nikkkas can cook really well and some cant like me so what are some of your favorite Simple dishes to cook?

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Googles Phone Nexus One

Here is the lastest droid phone. [Image] check this site out [URL]

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Mac is our Future...

i know this is sorta old but discuss Magic Mouse [URL]

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