So i've never been stalked

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I got

$3,000-$5,000 for a car im just being patient and waiting for the right one i see any recommendations I was thinking about getting a VW jetta 1999 and up new body style Are jettas always fucking up? my friend keeps saying his jetta keeps giving issues. any jetta owners here? Help HB fam. thanks

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2010 most Influential People.

Time names 100 2010 influential people. there's good people out there. [URL]

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Post your fav Demotivators


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The Legend of Zelda (2010 wii game)

[Image] [Quote] the only reason i bought a wii and for smash

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Ong Bak 3

[URL] thoughts

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So you

have $1,000 to spend within 24hrs What would you spend it on?

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Apple sues HTC

Apple files a law suit againt htc. As some of you may know htc OS android Has gained lot of reputation. Apple knows its their only competitor. [URL]

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Where do you see yourself in 5yrs?

Will you be getting a degree? Will you be getting married? Have kids? Maybe you'll get promoted on your job Will you still be hb-ing in 5yrs Maybe you'll move! Maybe you'll go to jail Maybe you be the next mod in here Just wondering

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Recommend me a Mac

Laptop. I know there are plenty of mac users here Ima switch from pc to macblushing I want it for music games surfing internet Just the regular stuff My budget is $1500 I will purchase this between 2 weeks or so I want a Macbook pro is that good? [URL] What should I look for when purchasing a mac? Should I get apple care? And somebody told me there is a student discount or something like that? Anyway thanks in advance

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Android Users

How many Droid users we got here? What are some good apps, games, etc... [Image] (I know tmobile G1 is suppose to get a update called "Enclaire")

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Songs that are stuck in your head

Fuck I can't get 15 step by radiohead out of my mind...shit

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Cooking Thread

Yo Hb i Know some of you Nikkkas can cook really well and some cant like me so what are some of your favorite Simple dishes to cook?

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Googles Phone Nexus One

Here is the lastest droid phone. [Image] check this site out [URL]

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Mac is our Future...

i know this is sorta old but discuss Magic Mouse [URL]

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