anyone know how to mix?

im tryna learn how or at least find someone who can do it withouth charging me a few hundred bc niggas still struggling. so anyone know? or know what i need to learn

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yes i made my own thread vol im that nice

music forum dead anyway as far as lyricism im the best to post on these forum since lupe if your gonna say my voice sucks i know i dont care im still nice fuck that aspiring artists thread im not some dude who tried to be a rapper after seeing lame niggas get on.... so heres some song with me saying how great i am [Image] and my other shit if this isnt proof enough that im actually good haha click it dont be a nigger

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im doing a science experiment

what happens when you mix nyquil with dayquil? and pepto bismol? im tryna make a time machine nahmsayin

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video games redux

heres some song i made about some bitch i used to creep on the internet and shit on some lurk life friend zone gang type shit, kinda awkward but whatever its a lana del rey sample breh

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Doug Funnie Winning thread

i was about to make a thread about me logging off HB for good but thats kinda gay so i made a Doug thread instead [Image] i ben dun told you niggers haha

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i dont think ive ever posted here so...

heres my lame shit, no i cant draw i cant photograph or do anything really so i just make 2d photoshop pictures and shit when im feeling like a bitch....i wish i could draw tho thats most of it...or some of it idk whatever

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How many Panikillers would it take to kill someone?

i ask strictly for scientific purposes, seems common to OD on painkillers

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some shit for that Hypetrak contest

i know im not gonna win but i was bored and thought ehh why not check a nigger out, who knows maybe they'll actually listen to it and get a laugh maybe i shoulda been with them shooting in the gym

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is anyone still doing name changes?

i cant find the thread since the forum got all fucked i wanna change mine to F. ライリ what i gaht do?

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BET Cypher 2011 VOL east coast is ass

but from the lineup west coast cypher will suck too [URL]

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David Banner - "Swag" Vol. fots shired??

[URL] sounds to me like shots at based god, WGM, and Odd Future, no names were said though but fuckisgoinonbasedgod?

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anyone wanna troll consequence?

i got bored heard consequences say he's the hottest commodity in hip hop or some shit so decided to troll him on twitter, so far no response but its still funny anyone care to join? his twitter: [URL] i troll ♥♥♥♥♥ with bad teeth, what do you do when you get bored blinkyeyes

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so....why does everyone wanna be a rapper now?

this thread isnt to bash nobody or say they suck or none of that im just really wondering why because now every other thread in this section somebody is like yo check my music or my homie raps and thats cool but its like everyone's a rapper now, whats the reason like why didnt you wanna rap a year ago and now you want to?

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i need HB help for my laptop

i cracked the internal screen(i think) this is what the screen is looking like right now [URL] the only parts i can see are pink and constantly flickering so anyone else get something like this fixed? and how much was it, the only computer shops out here are small 1-2 person businesses so im thinking of just cawping a new one any help?

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Politics Vol gimme yo cash bitch!

is this real life? lawl [URL] ?)smokeyface>smh Video of the year

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