Jordan 3's, 7's, Spizikes

Need these shoes gone ASAP. I accept paypal. Pictures are not great quality, but I will provide more pictures upon request. I'm located in Canada. You will have to pay for shipping fees. Very flexible on price. Best way to contact me is through email, [Image] Jordan 7 Orlando VERYVERY near deadstock They've only been worn about 3 times, VERY clean. 220$ offer No trades.

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Sizing question

Hey does anybody know how similar the sizing of Diamond and Bape are? Also how similar are Diamond and BBC

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What kinda backpack do you rock ?

amongst friends got some nice packs out now, might cop one

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Official Accessories Discussion Thread

watch: flud shoes: jordan, nike, chucks hat: snap shades: oakly holebrook

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[10Deep] - 2011 Official Discussion Thread

[Quote] i pretty sure they do. and i know what u mean im on the same boat there

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Official Watch Discussion Thread

anybody reppin a rolex datejust? how they find it?

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Best blank t-shirts and v-necks

whatever plain shirts foot lockers sell are pretty nice, the shoulders seem to point off on the v necks but the crew necks are perfect, good deals when you buy 5or 6 at a time

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The Official Naked & Famous Denim Thread

I can't seem to find a way to wash these N&F jeans without fadin, theyre horrible for it. Any suggestions

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Audi or Mercedes or BMW?

The bmw "M" series is deiniltly sick, but mercedez has those ballin luxury cars. Im thinkin of coppin a CLK320, nice, more affortable mercedez

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Nike Air Yeezy 2

the origanal air yeezys were heat, he shouldent ofcame out with a second.

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Shoes for ballin?

i use to wear lebrons, but i changed over to te adi roses and ill never change back

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Most comfortable shoes you own.

[Quote] Definitly

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How long will a pair of everyday shoes last you

a good year or so if u keep em clean

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Jordans 11

space jams obviously, way more icy

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definitly gonna cop a pair of these only cause its my favorite show haha, to plain

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