magna carta

Sounds like a typical jay album but its not bad in any way

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GTAV Gameplay trailer TOMORROW (9th July)

For a second I though that watch dogs stood a change. Happy I was wrong

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PS4 vs Xbox One

[Quote]everybody keeps asking this. There is no reason to anounce this yet but it will be available by xmas probably. It will be ported but maybe a few months after the release it will be like pc/ps4/one

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The Official Identification(I.D) Thread

[Quote]Looks like a flight bomber, H&M have a very similar one for a great price

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versace h&m jacket bomber Size large kanye

I have a large that that I havent worn because how much does this go for on hb?

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Post Hypebeast Picture at There Prime. VOL SAC BEEFIN

[Quote]mad sus

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Bioshock Infinite Official Discussion Thread

[Quote]yes the game is great

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Lil Wayne - I Am Not A Human Being II

wow the album is full of cringe worthy lines

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Vans with no socks/no show socks

buy those extra cut low socks so you will have the best of both worlds

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