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Childrens/Kids....."streetwear" brands?

Hi... for my textile and apparel class I have to research a clothing brand/manufacturer of kids apparel. So I thought why not do something more towards clothes I'd like instead of like OshKosh or some shit. But I don't know of any "hip" kids brands......? Please enlighten me if there is any?.......I'm afraid there is nothing that is established enough to write a paper on.

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U.S. release date of Peter Vogel's "Streetwear"

I've googled it and just can't find when the US release date is for this book......is it anytime soon?

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HELP: I need your VOTES.....Toyota Yaris Sneaker Contest

Dear HypeBeast LOUNGE My shoes were choosen for the Toyota Yaris Custom Sneaker Contest....so I ask PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE...help an fellow HypeBeaster out by voting...AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT....but ONLY for LETTER B..... [URL] 1. click "enter here" 2. Battle Sneaker VS.Sneaker 3. click: VOTE....click: NORTH 3. VOTE contestant B... THANKS FOR ALL YOUR TIME AND EFFORT YES the midsole stitching was replaced with LIGHTS that glow and blink..... [Image] TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND WHOEVER AS WELL....THANKS.

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