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[FS] - Vans x Wtaps Noguts No glory White (10.5)

[FS]- Vans x Wtaps Noguts No glory White (10.5) Brand New with Box [B][COLOR="Red"]$59 shipped[/COLOR][/B] [Image]

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Possibilitly Scammed by "ichapelle"

I dont mean he a scammer, but this is part of my concern. I sent my payment for his BWT Nudies jeans thru paypal on Oct 22, then he said he gonna ship it on that day. after one week, he sent me a reply "What's up, I got your message on ebay and then this one last night. I just got back from a school trip. I forgot to send you your stuff. I'll ship it out tomorrow. Sorry for the delay. Isom C." then "That wasn't you on ebay. that was someone else. so you can disregard that part." I have never sent him anything thru ebay, coz i bought his jeans thru our For sale thread. THen I asked him about the shippment and tracking information, he did not reply me even tho he was online. I am willing to solve this problem with him, I opened a dispute with him on paypal. I just want my money back. i dont want the jeans anymore at this time.( which i believe he may sold the jeans thru ebay) no offense here. If someone can contact him about my concern, please let me know. THanks alot members.

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Edwin Jeans 32 Blue silm Soak or Sell

I recently bought this jeans from Japan. It is a 32 x32, but fit like 33 x 32 Should i sell it or soak it? i want soak it down 1 size/// thanks pros [Image]

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Smart phone suggestion

i am planing to replace phone after i sign the contact for ATT what do u guys recommend. i dont really like Iphone coz the bill is kind of high any recommendation like black berry series, SOny....? thx

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NewBie Here

Hi guys, my name is John, I am from Hong Kong, i am living Las Vegas right now. I like many different brands Bape, Undefeated, Clot, Fragment, Levis,Stussy, SillyThing, Obey... and i do own many of those Tee and Jeans.....wow. cant stop buying&) New to this forum. It is a great organized forum. I really likit are we permit to buy or sell here?

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