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Track Jackets

Anyone know of any brands that make track jackets besides Nike and Addidas? I'm looking for some in simple, basic colorways. Thanks.

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Carolina Blue Jordan V Sz 11 and Nike SB Dooms Sz 10.5 Cheap BIN!

Hey guys, first up a few rules: -Absolutely no trades!!! -Paypal only (buyer must include the 4% paypal fee) -I don't really care about calculating shipping so I'm just charging a 15$ flat fee for the U.S. -I only ship within the U.S. by UPS with tracking info -Willing to hear all offers so just PM me. But please don't waste my time with ridiculous lowballs! The shoes were purchased off of FlightClub so they are 100% legit. They've been worn a few times, but they are still in pretty good condition. Judge for yourself by the pics. S/O: $100 + $15 shipping + 4% paypal fee BIN: $120 + $15 shipping + 4% paypal fee [Image]

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[FS] Al's Attire for Huf Jacket XL

Hey guys, up for sale is a DS flannel jacket made by Al's Attire for Huf: -Paypal only -Will ship anywhere in the U.S. -May be willing to trade for 7 5/8 fitteds or XL tees -PM me with any inquiries S/O: 80+paypal fees shipped BIN: make an offer! The jacket is a bit slim fitting. I usually wear XLs in Huf but I'm a big guy (5'10" 240) and the only problem I really have with the fit is in the waist area. If you want measurements, just let me know and I'll do my best to get them to you. Pics: [Image]

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[WTB] The Hundreds x Hiero and The Hundreds x Brooklyn Projects XXL

Hey guys, hoping to get some help finding a couple of tees. I'm looking to get the Hundreds x Hiero collab in either black or brown: [Image] Just about any condition is fine as long as it's XXL. Thanks

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DQM Fleece

Does anyone know if all of Dave's Quality Meat fleece products are printed on CYC? I need to know if one of their older hoodies is on CYC or not. Here's a link to the hoodie I'm wondering about: [URL]

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Flash Mobs???

Anybody here ever been caught in the middle of a flash mob or taken part in one? I really want to but I live in the middle of nowhere tongueface . Post the most awesome vids of ones you can find/ tell your flash mob story.

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Feedback: Ether790

Just starting a feedback thread. If we did business, shout me out.

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[FS] Nike SB Lobsters(11), New Castles(11), and Gold Rails(11.5)

What's up HB, First time trying to sell some stuff on here but I do have a few references that I've bought from. Anyway, I'm trying to get rid of these SBs, no trades, prices are very flexible, Paypal only (+4%), prices DO NOT include shipping. PM me with any questions, offers, etc. Anyway on to the shoes: Nike SB Lobsters, size 11, DS (little damage on the box though) Looking for around $180 [Image]

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Help for a beginner

Hey guys. I've been thinking about picking up photography as a hobby for a while now and now that I've about to come into some extra cash, I think I'm about ready to invest in my first camera. Don't worry, this isn't one of those "What camera is good for beginners" threads, I'm pretty sure I'm going to pick up a Nikon D40. Seems to be the best for people just starting out. My question is should I spend some extra cash and buy some lenses and/or filters as well? Would they really be of that much benefit to me? If so, what do you guys suggest I buy? Thanks for the help!

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Give me a reason....

N.E.R.D is doing a concert at my college tomorrow and I'm debating on whether I want to go or not. I haven't really listened to any of their shit in a while. Never was really feeling them too much. Anyone here ever seen them live before? How was it? Post good tracks and/or reasons I should go check them out.

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[WTB] Navy blue W)Tap Sk8 Hi, Size 10.5 or 10

Hey guys, I'm looking for a pair of navy crossbones wtap sk8 hi's in size 10.5 preferably but a size 10 will also do. Just about any condition will do as long as they're not completely beat. I'm only willing to pay by Paypal. PM me to get in contact. Thanks.

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Jersey-Knit/Thin Material Hoodies

Anyone know where to find decent jersey-knit zip-up hoodies like the ones that The Hundreds put out in their Fall 08 line? The material is a little thicker than a tee which is what I'm looking for since it's over 70 degrees 3/4s of the time where I live tongueface Here's a link to the hoodie on The Hundreds web-store: [URL] Alternatively, if anyone can recommend a nice thin zip-up hoodie that would work too. Thanks

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Annoying Roommates

Anybody else have one? Here's my story. The guy I'm rooming with decided to let his girlfriend spend the night in our dorm room which I had no problem with. They weren't disturbing me (ie. doing the dirty dirty) so I didn't really care. So as I'm sleeping, my roommate starts snoring kinda loudly, which is somewhat common so I didn't really care. Then 5 mins. later his girl starts snoring even louder than he is! I mean, WTF??? Shit sounded like two giraffes dying or some shit. It took me and hour just to get back to sleep. And to make things worse, I had class at fucking 9 am!

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Digital Gravel Black Card

What does everyone think about Digital Gravel's new Black Card service? Anyone here join? I've thought about it but I've heard too many horror stories about DG (poor customer service, lousy shipping speed, Digger's Society mishaps, etc).

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Need help finding these glasses.

Anyone know what kind of glasses Nas is wearing in this photo? Thanks [URL]

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