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Bought them off eBay and they're too small for me. BIN: $80 Shipped + Paypal Bought off eBay and they are far too small. Learned that I should size for thighs rather than waist the hard way. Ended up just buying a TTS pair of Unbranded 201's. Oh well, lesson learned. Looking for $80 shipped CONUS + Paypal. I will consider every offer. Just want to get some money back. Condition: They look like they've been worn 2-3 times by the previous owner. He said he wore them that many times. No fading or creasing. I apologize for the shitty pictures and I will gladly try to take better pictures upon requests. Measurements: Waist: 32 in. Thigh: 11.5 in. Knee: 8 in. Leg Opening: 7.25 in. Rise: 10.25 in. [URL]

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Might be the most epic thing ever? ...

Raided a repo truck hellllllllllllurrrr have fun smokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyface 4165642605 drake 3238559056 fergie 7182300355 alicia keys 7184920030 beyonce 6135324092 avril levinge 6462582088 ne-yo will post more if they work

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[iPhone 3G] School me please

Jailbreaking/putting cool appshits in whatever the fuck. HELP A NIG OUT blushing

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iPhone Help

I'm on the fence about buying an first gen iPhone for 70$? It's unlocked and jailbroken. Good deal or no. Also, if i just place my sim card in the iphone will i get any additional charges? I'm on at&t btw. And do not have a data plan, just texting.

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Battlefield heroes thread

just started playing add me if you play username: [B]ethong[/B] go go go go go go go go battlefieldheroes.com

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Quake Live

does anyone play? it's getting boring chillin by myself

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anyone know any good ones? i want one that can remotely deploy onto someone's computer smokeyface

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