sup guys, im tripping to these places in the next 2-3 weeks godwilling and id like to know whats to do, buy and shop for on a teenage kid in a rush's budget and if anyone's willing to meet up and do the guiding in person...btw, im not sure what part of NYC it is but ill let you know asap thanks in advance

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Going To New Jersey...

Newark to be exact, but i dont know what area. I'd like to know who lives close who can help me out with both the shopping and skate spots of the area. I'll be up there saturday till i dont know when.

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New NIN song about God or G.W.?


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The New Silent Generation (90s Babies)

I came to this sad realization one day, the way some one comes to the realization that they woke up on regular time, went through half their regular routine then sees the ticket on his dresser for a plane that left 5 hours ago. I know lately it's been the vogue to say "_____________ is dead", but to some extent, these claims are clearly true and sadly (maybe even dangerously) reflecting worst on my generation. I dont want to get to deep into what ive looked up about the previous [URL], but im technically part of the tail end of the "Echo Boomers" (children of the baby boomers) and this generation is generally considered the last one to come up with out the element of instant gratification and self-centeredness due to technological advancement. What i'm saying though is that i fear for our (my gerneration's) collective future because everyone around me seems to not be concerned with any time past next week or any time before they were born unless its "cool to do". Everyone is so complacent and happy with the way things are even though everything is so wrong!!! Sometimes i feel so alone when i tell people t-pain cant be considered an artist, theres no reason to start dressing one way because everyone else is etc. People just tell me to chill and act like they have all the time in the world to worry about making a difference...were seniors next year! we are gonna be supporting the workforce in a few years, then supporting the next generation a few after that!!! sorry about the rant, but i welcome any thoughts/comments/"stfu youngblood, you got nothing to cry about compared to what i lived..."s

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What Cereal Do You Hypebeasts Eat In The Morning!?!?

well?? i'll start: cinnamon toast crunch biotches!!!

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Streetwear and Family

Well were in the holiday season now and alot of people end up with their family one way or another during this time. My parents and family in general think my style of dress, brands of choice and fashion sense are a little non-sequitor (sp? ) and well i'm not surprised but my fam takes it alot better that some of my friends'. My bestfriend's a shoe head and he has stated storing more and more shoes in pther parts of his house besides his room and he almost got punished for having too many (but it's all his money so they cant take em away). My other friend was put onto streetwear/shoe collecting by his dad!(figures that the would be pinoys!! lol) [B]I say all that to say this: whats you all's families' (grmr? ) relationship with your (unhealthy/healthy/scary etc) hobbie/addiction?[/B] PLEASE DONT COME HERE AND ACT ALL RETARDED IN MY THREAD!!!

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Streetwear and Race

hello people, its chuk, and i had a seriously heated argument w/ a female friend of mines who's into the street scene just cuz her and her fam is based all out NY and she stays at alife and what not. but anyway, i was saying oh its funny how street/skate got alotta white and asians rockin the fitteds hard. she was like yea but blacks is the majority in streetwear anyway, im like are you serious?!?! come on!! shes like i dont know what state you're in and i tell her im talking about streetwear/skatewear all over the world she wouldnt budge tho. [B]so i say all that to ask this: who do YOU think/know/believe/percieve to be the majority/minority/in between/evenly distributed races in this culture?[/B] i personally think one thing for sure: blacks are inherently the minority in streetwear because the money, knowledge and culture are the least readily available to them across the board(or world in this case...) Thanks for your thoughts and please dont make this a flame/hate/rascism thread, it's just a topic of discussion, plus i want concrete evidence i can rub in my friend's face...smokeyface

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Smash Bros. Thread

Sup HB!! i got to talkin about Brawl in the next-gen consoles thread and it unsurfaced alotta good memories about (IMO) the one of the best videogames to date. Hopefully this will generate enough attn. to be stickied (R.I.P. MHO's mod status). Talk about your best character, a cool match you had, something you discovered (alot by the way!), tournaments, news, rumors, you know, stuff! It's not restricted to one game either...SSB, SSBM, SSBB.Lengthy intro but yea, here goes...smokeyface See me with (in this order) Fox, Kirby, or Marth and i'll crush granted its been a minute since my littlebrother broke my system...any different opinions from that lineup?

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!!!SEARCH ALERT!!! Very old vans release

they are like blue upper with a white sole and they look so much like 7s that it may have just been a bite, but they fit and are skaped kind of like most vulcanized sole vans (i.e. classics or the TNTs) thanks in advance for any help...ill keep web crawlin, but its hard without any name to go off of or pic...

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who makes good crews?

i want to see if we can get some crews out in time for winter...

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Dickies Pants

i sometimes wear my navy colored ones like they were jeans cuz they dont get broken in as easily like the wrinkles/crease type things that happen at the bottom of the pants when u rock them in ur tongues are more rigid with them than jeans. but any suggestions on jeans that have this rigidbut not uncomfortable quality? i need sum new pairs...

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i need to find some cause i dont want to travel to far to my ish and my own personal research hasnt been givin me many leads...

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Hoodie thread...

im not gonna say 'we' needed it, but i do... 1) is french terry an ideal material for hoodies that are meant to fit/feel close to regular shirts? 2) if not what is? 3)why do companies release the same design they did on a tee in the spring on a hoodie in the fall, to make more money off a design?

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Etcetera Designs

im a noob to street but ive been onto fashion for awhile and so has my clothing, but when i realized the type of things goin on in this specific culture i noticed why i wasnt succeeding in the market i was in: my stuff was mor street than 'hiphop' so giv me critique good/bad or flame ill welcom it all...chec the myspace til i get the "pics after the jump" always wanted to say that lol....\/

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[Quote] DBlock got me with that one i actually laughed out loud, so can anyone come up with sum good ones abt abt hw great chuck norris is? here's mine: Chuk norris doesnt get wet, water gets chuck norrised oh and chuck norris has counted to infinity,twice (ahahahaha, im rly laffin ryte now, those are jus too funny to my infantile sense of humor)

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