Rogue shoes sizing.

anyone own any rogue boots? specifically rogue platon boots. myhabit has em on sale, just wondering if anyone knows about the sizing. [Image]

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WTB: old heads, looking for OLD cosby T

wasnt sure what section to put this under so plz move if it should be somewhere else. Im looking for an old cosby T, prolly like 5 years back or so. Had a milk carton missing person sign with crunchy black on it. if anyone has one they wanna let go of hit a dude up with a price.

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Halps pleez, cancer walk?

so a group started called "granite state girls" and i guess people go on and vote for people and they get to be in a calendar and walk for cancer, and my brother looked in the rules and it says nothing about you have to be a girl. so you guys should help out and vote for him!!! because it would be funny. kthx [URL]

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Anyone use tablets intuos 3 vs. bamboo fun

i know there were similar posts to this in the past, but they were from years ago. So i figured i would start fresh. I am stuck between buying a intuos 3 small, and a bamboo fun medium. They are both relatively similar in price, and i know the intuos 4 is already out but it is going to be my first tablet and i want to make sure im going to stick with it before dropping alot of money. At the same time i dont want a tablet i am going to grow out of really quickly. At the moment i will be happy having something responsive that i can lay down sketches with really well. But i dont know if i want to get into advanced designs as of yet because my tablet use thus far is VERY limited, and i am farely advanced with the pen tool in illustrator. (i cant see a tablet being as precise a i am with the pen tool, at the same time i am willing to sacrifice precision moderately if i am going to greatly increase my productivity.) my reasons for not purchasing the intuos 3 thus far is because A. It isnt the intuos 4, and B. I am left handed and i have heard many mixed things about left handers on the 3. The main reason why i havnt ordered the Fun, is quite literally because it has the word FUN in the title, and that strikes me as being a toy... Does anyone have any input, because i am getting pretty frustrated.

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[FS/FT] alienworkshopXRoguestatus deck first edition

I believe this is the first edition release, It is already gripped but i never got around to skating it. throw me any offers. for trades im mainly looking for a DVD+R DL burner, my mbp's burner died. and im scrounging. but i will consider anything. [Image]

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Any other serge gainsbourg fans?

figure i will see who else appreciates his work, considering modern music has gone so far down hill. and i think that serge is one of the most ahead of his time artist's to live. [URL] hero

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anyone played for 360 yet? im trying to figure out if its worth picking up some more HD-DVD's and ive heard some descent things about it. The DS version is real fun, ive been playing it for a bit.

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Verifying diamonds?

Is it possible that anyone with advanced diamond knowledge could tell the difference by looking at a picture of a diamond? I only ask because i found one gold pin with a small diamond mounted at the top, while cleaning my new apartment. Also today on the subway i found an earing with a small diamond. The one on the subway i almost instantly wrote off, but looking at it there was no noticeable scratches or anything, and the light it reflected was pretty mild and grey. Opposed to most fake diamonds that reflect rainbow colors, my only big concern is that the mounting looks pretty cheap and although it is pretty small i would like to think that even a real yet small diamond would have a solid mount. Im just trying not to get ripped off pawning them, and or if they are real possibly getting them mounted in something else for the girl.

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Need some algebra help with function shifts...

Hey guys sorry to bring this up, but im desperate. I am working on horizontal shifts in graphs. The graph is y=f(x), and i am shifting it to the left by one. I know this would be y=f(x+1), but there is a constant on the Y axis of two, it goes from (-2,2) to (2,2) essentially a straight horizontal line. I Know what the outcome is, i just have no idea how to show my work. Because im trying to plug The X value in and add it by one, and it just wont come out too the 2 constant. Ugh could anyone tell me what i should plug in to get my answer. Sorry if you cant understand my wording, im just getting very frustrated.

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Anyone use PTC (payed to click) websites?

Just seeing if anyone knows of any good ones, essentially they pay you a certain amount of money to click links and wait for a certain amount of time. [URL] Those are the two i use most (heard they follow through with payments), and you get much more money if you have active referrals. So sign up if you wish, or if you need an active referral lemme know.

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did ups shipping go wayyy up?

i recently started selling on ebay again, and ups is shipping my stuff ground for what i think to be REALLLY high prices. Like an xbox 360 wifi adaptor from boston to VA for 16 bucks, and a videogame from boston to VT for like 12 bucks. I dont remember shipping ever being that pricey. Its almost not worth selling stuff anymore.

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Good ant traps?

hey guys, maybe i should join an extermination forum but i figure i will ask around here. So i moved into my apartment and as it started getting warmer ive noticed alot of ants around. The place is pretty old so there are pretty big spaces under the doors and some small gaps between the walls and floor. So has anyone had any experience with any sort of brand ant traps working well?

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[FS] - Be@rbrick series 14 (Tofuten+T9G Museum)

Selling Tofuten and T9G museum, either as a set or seperate. Tofutens nametag was lost while moving into my new apartment, but T9G still has his nametag. Both are sealed in factory plastic wrapper. PST me with all reasonable offers or trades. [Image]

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Bearbrick series 14 secrets

I have [Image]sealed with nametag. Does anyone know of any sort of good asking price on ebay for them. I recently moved into an apartment with my girl, and im just trying to get rid of things i dont need and make a bit of money. Havnt been able to find any US ebay sources for either of them.

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macbook help fast!!!

so i ordered a macbook pro for school, and i have to pick it up today in a few hours from fedex. but i wasnt thinking at all, does anyone know if my usb mouse from my pc will be supported with it or should i go get a macintosh mouse!? because using photoshop and playing wow will be for the birds with a touchpad... and is there anything else i should be aware of with my first mac computer?

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