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Help from Aussie members?

Hey HB, I've been trying to track down a pair of Air Jordan Royal 1's in my size. I live in Los Angeles, and these shoes sold out instantly here. If any HB member would be willing to help me track down a pair of size 13's, we could work something out to make it worth your time. Thank you.

2 Weeks ago in Australia

SIZE XL: Cheap Tees, Supreme Rustoleum Hoodie, Any Crewnecks. Cargo/Camo shorts in 32

Yooo, I'm looking to update my closet. I wanted some cheaper graphic tees in size XL, any brands... I don't really care too much. I also wanted some crewnecks, same deal, don't care on the brand. They just got to be somewhat fresh and XL. I wanted cargo or camo shorts in size 32. I have been looking for a Supreme Rustoleum Hoodie any color, in a size XL. Let me know if you got one. Thanks, get at me!

2 Weeks ago in Apparel