What's your Major?

So i started applying for scholarships today, but most of them asked for the major i was considering. I never really put much thought into that, so I just selected "Business" as a safe option. But now I'm just curious. If you're in college, what are you majoring in? And if you're in high school, what are you thinking about?

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The Game Vol. Black Girls

So i met this Black girl today, and she's perfect. Light skinned, straight hair, 4.0 GPA, everything. I even met her doing community service after school. Now I usually mess with white girls, no racial, they're just easy, but I had to say something to this girl. But every time I tried to talk to her, it just seemed...off. She didn't respond to my usual strategy as well as i'd hoped, and I need to rethink my game plan before I miss my chance. If a few guys with experience could drop some knowledge on how to pick up black girls, i'd be much appreciated. thanks. INB4 PICS OF GTFO, parents don't let her use social networks

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did anybody catch Obama's DNC speech?

the speech was straight fire. And afterwards i loved ousting all the ignorant GOP supporters on my TL. If you missed it, you can readup on it [URL]

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Your Birth-Order can determine your personality

you'd be surprised at how many of your signature traits are shared between those born in the same order as you. [URL] It's worth the read, just skip to whichever part of the post applies to you.

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Imma kill em' Vol. Freshman

So recently, my friends and I made a FB group just to share funny shit we find online. Some freshmen wondered what we were doing, so we added them into the group, NBD, right? Sometimes they'll tag me in a photo, which i wouldn't have a problem with, but lately, its been shit like this: [Image] It's in a closed group, so ALL my friends can't see it, but you can tell how that would piss you off a little. But how do I react? Do I beat his 9th grade ass for sharing shit like this, or what?

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What are your dreams? vol. Growing up

as I was filling out my first college application today, I started to think about my future career, until i realized that I never really thought about it. My only real skill is art, and i've always had a passion for being on stage, whether dancing, acting, doing stand-up or otherwise.But what real money can I make with that? So I had always told myself i wanted to go into business. But Is this really what I want to do for the rest of my life? What about my dreams, my goals, my passion? Is this the part where I give it all away for a slave-like work schedule, a boring wife and ungrateful kids? Or do I pack up and ship out, chasing my true callings? How did you guys figure it all out?

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Off-Topic is dead

i swear noone posts anything (with meaning) anymore [Image] inb4 "beta 2012 member" and 80hd

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How come we don't have a High School discussion thread?

is EVERYbody on this site in college? stand up classes of 2013-2015

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WIJHB... it was chill. beginning of the year, so everyone was on that get fit, bet bitches, get money shit. and Boland was one of the more prominent posters on the site (i think we joined around the same time) What about you? What was It like when you joined Hypebeast? were the mods jerks? Did Tyler the Creator (bloxhead) post in a topic you started? was a phony black homo from "Yass." derailing an entire online community?

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You fell out of a building...

the Sears Tower in Chicago to be exact, with exactly 11 seconds to go until you meet the pavement. Falling with you is a telephone (still connected) an office chair and desk, and a laptop (with internet access) What could you do to survive? (be creative)

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Greer Barnes

Just felt like sharing. dude is mad under rated I think, take a look: [Embed content]

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Youngest siblings stand up!

everything gets better with age, right? Think about it. As the last born, the genetic code of both your father and mother is in it's best form, giving you the desired genes your older, less fortunate siblings missed out on. Plus statistics show last borns typically have a better sense of humor and make friends easier than our fellow brothers and sisters.

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Converse Black Flag collection CVO in Charcoal

[Image] I've been looking everywhere for these, but I can't seem to find them for sale. they were in Converse's Spring/Summer 10' line, so I know they're a little old, but they look great and i've never gone wrong with Converse. Can anyone link me to a website that still sells these shoes?

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How do you...

...see all the topics you've made/posted in? I forgot

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Hey Boland… [FIXED]

I got something for yah [Image]

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