Let me sniff your tights plz.

[Image] Right so this guys been harassing my girlfriend asking for her to send him some old clothes and some old tights hahaha. He wont stop. I've been winding her up though saying that its other girls tights that are in the gasmask and shes hating it. I want to do something though but not in a dickish overprotective boyfriend way i just want to do something funny. Im thinking i should tell her to get his address Then eating like nothing but indian food and sending him a box full of dhiarreah. Any ideas?

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Yo BNTL crew/UK heads.

I know i could put this in the Regional subforum but who the fuck looks there? Plus im half drunk so i dont really care blushing Anyone going to this?? [Image] I'm not too bothered if this gets locked as long as someone who its meant for see's it and gets back at me.

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