Anyone from Switzerland?

Anyone from Switzerland Whats up guys. Not a word from anyone on the European site for two weeks now. This must be a record.

2 Weeks ago in Europe

The Official Leather Goods Thread

The Official Leather Goods Thread Yes, meat is good, but you must have a bit of potato and corn with the meat or its too dry. Do you have ketchup with your shepherds pie?

2 Weeks ago in Denim

Problems uploading avatar.

Problems uploading avatar Hey, I am having problems uploading an Avatar. Everytime I do, it says the file size is too big...IDK what to do, help me please

2 Weeks ago in Forum Support

Kaws Trooper??

Kaws Trooper great reveiw,but i would have rather seen a different type of soldier,this to me is just another trooper with a different color logo,but thats just me.

2 Weeks ago in Visual Arts

Firefox Official Discussion Thread

Firefox Official Discussion Thread You guys you guys the reason we didnt test the more common ones like IE, Chrome or Safari is because we dont need to. Theres absolutely no way either of those three browsers would be faster then Opera, lettalone Firefox. This was simply about comparing the two browswers which are undoubtably the fastest.

2 Weeks ago in Tech

Mazdaspeed 3

Mazdaspeed 3 offers considered. these are brand new. I had a hard time finding these when I had my car. The ones I found at the dealer did not have the MazdaSpeed embroidery on them. I went through multiple sets before finding these on ebay. Car has been gone over a year and found these on the shelf. Would really like to move to someone that can use them.

2 Weeks ago in Automotive

Australians, Help Me Out

Australians Help Me Out I could potentially help you out, but I havent seen any in stores near me yet. Ill check later this week and get back to you.

2 Weeks ago in Asia

Feedback: GupNasty

Feedback GupNasty Very good buyer. He kept me up to date and told me when the product got to him asap so we could exchange feedback and suchIm a busy Thanks SO MUCH. A A A A A

2 Weeks ago in Buyer/Seller Feedback