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The Find Magazine ISSUE THREE: Out now!

[Image] I wrote the article Mainstream; a rapper's main dream? on page 22 Interviews: Kero one: 'I am an early believer', Speech (Arrested Development): 'We are the change we want to see', Sabzi (Blue Scholars/Common Market): 'I definitely thought about doing a solo record'. Featured Artists: The Roots, Black Milk, Sabzi, J Dilla, Headnodic (Crown City Rockers), Kero One, AmpLive (Zion I), Jake One, Speech & way more. Articles: Vinyl: we're still diggin' in the crates, Mainstream; a rapper's main dream?, Tupac: overrated or underrated?, Battle of the Beats: DJ Premier vs. Pete Rock, Africa: word from the motherland, Hip Hop & Materialism & more. Reviews: Kero One - Early Believers, The Eternal Top 10, Time Slip: Hip Hop from 1989-2009 & more. -- The download is only 3 MB, so why not download/read it? Rapidshare [URL] - Save 20% At KarmaLoop, Use Repcode KN19367

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BREAKING NEWS! (fox) George Bush Orders Draft!

Today George Bush.. [Image]

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Metal Gear Online Live Stream

I found this site that host a 24/7 mgo room that streams live the stream site is [URL] the game is in the Otocon lobby with the name jjbblive I think its pretty sick

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more free microsoft points....legit.

[URL] sign up using ur reg email (doesnt have to be the msn live one).....and make a stupid fucking car, and rate another stupid fucking car....you get 100 points for signing up, 50 for rating a car, and 50 for making a car. you can do this once a day.....so 100 points a day......until aug 25th. you redeem the 100 right away....then you get a code on aug 25th with the rest you accumulated (up to 2000 points)

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anybody excited for this shit, honestly im not as excited as i usually am but we'll see, hopefully they surprise me.

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Blu from Blu & Exile Interview

[URL] scroll down a little and you see listen to this weeks show. Its a good interview

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Anybody here use it? If so post up your page here is mine: [URL]

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Parking Lot Pimpin' or Get No Younger?

Both AZ and Joe Budden used the same beat on they album, how that happened I have no Idea but any way which do you prefer AZ- Parking Lot Pimpin' [URL] prolly cause I heard it first but I'd say Joey's even though I am a bigger AZ fan

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WTF has hip-hop come to

oh my fucking god blinkyeyesblinkyeyes?)smh>smh Gucci Mane-Shook Ones Freestyle [URL] he destroyed a classic song.... not in a good way

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