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[FS] HBA x Been Trill Tee XL

BIN 220 DS Bought from Barneys Tags still attached [Image]

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What info can I get from a cell number?

I got a cell number and I wanna know who can give me some more info on it. I'm serious so if anyone here knows how to do this stuff pm me. I did a trade that went bad and I wanna find this guy on fb. Thanks.

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Assorted chocolates

Sup HB Fam. This is for an English assignment. It's an essay of complaint. I'm writing about how no one likes most of the chocolates that come in assorted chocolate boxes. (Sees/Godiva/etc.) It'll look good if I throw in some percentages.  Thanks

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Got in an accident

Real quick question. Got in my first accident today, rear ended a woman only going at 4 mph or so and her car got no damage but mine got some paint transfer. Got all her info but the one thing that slipped my mind was her drivers license number. When I'm claiming it to my insurance company will they be able to handle it without that one piece of info? I got her name, number, address, insurance number, and license plate number. Thanks HB fam.

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Paradise Lost?

Anyone here feel comfortable with John MIlton's Paradise Lost? If yes and you're willing to read a quick rough essay on Satan's heroism and help me out, PM me and I'll send mine over. Thanks

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My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Came across this video on youtube and was really impressed. It's most of the samples used on my beautiful dark twisted fantasy. Say what you want, but Kanye is one of the best in the game right now when it comes to production.  [Embed content]

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CYC Blank Hoodies

Anyone know where to get CYC Blank Hoodies?

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Ex is with a herb

Anyone else seen their ex go out with a herb? Shit's funny as hell. Share your stories lol For me, the girl's beautiful. Guy, not so much. Dude's a herb on every level.

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Anyone ever written Sonnets?

You could try reading Shakespeare's sonnets for inspiration. Yours is kinda similar to Sonnet 18, so I think you may be able to find out what to write about for the third quatrain and the couplet by reading other Shakespearean sonnets.

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Free Concert Tickets

Hey so I just won a pair of free tickets to see J. Cole at some footaction event on the 19th. The email that said I won also said I and the person I bring have to be 18+. I'm 16 do u think they'll check IDs or should I call ahead to find out. Could someone who's won tickets before let me know how it works? Thanks

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LA Promoters?

Anyone know an LA promoter that can get me something better than plain general admission to the ASAP concert in October?

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Real Talk - Vol. Elbow Fetish

Nothing get's me harder than a sexy elbow smokeyface smokeyface [Image]

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If anyone out there has got any connection to ASAP Mob please inbox message me.

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Why do you hate Obey?

Most of us do, myself included, but why?

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Fed up with Beats. Need replacement.

I've owned Beats by dre headphones for years now. I had them long before all the hype and everyone got them. I always knew they were average at best but I also thought they were durable. I thought they had a strong bass and wouldn't blow out. After one ear of my power beats stopped working in june I started getting annoyed. Now that my studios aren't 100% clear I'm done with the brand. I want a new pair of headphones, my price range is about the same as Studios. I want headphones that have a strong bass as 99% of my music is rap. I also want something aesthetically appealing. NO SKULL CANDYS.

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