Indian Pattern Cardigan

Looking for a chunky indian pattern cardigan. Similiar to this one [Image]

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06 g35 or 2011 sti

Okay, so I can get a good deal on a 2011 white sti with 2000 miles on it. It's the base model, but has leather seats, the wider BBS rims, and short throw shift. I have a 06 g35 (with sport suspension)right now, with 70,000 miles. what would you guys do?

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Naked and Famous Skinny Guy Chambray s.30


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Brand New Naked and Famous Skinny Guy Chambray s.30

Brand new, never worn/washed/soaked. With Tags Price: $70 [Image]

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What headphones are you guys using? I'm using some Bose triport ones right now. I like them, but I kinda wanna get a new pair, looking to spend up to $350

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most embarassing thing with a girl

back in that 8th grade, I was at one of those halloween middle school basement parties, and I was kicking it on the couch with my friends. One girl was way at the end, and had her legs over everyone laying down. Her knee was basically at my crotch. then i started watching those annoying attention sluts make out with each other to cause some chaos/drama and i popped one, and the girl felt it with her knee, and it shot up. She gave me a weird look, i bailed like 2 minutes later. awkward

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ID on these glasses? [Image]

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Looking for a loafer-ish thing

I'm looking to get a pair of loafer-ish and/or boat shoe-ish black pair of kicks. Something to wear with khakis. I like the gravis rieder, but not in black

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Where to find slim, plain color boardshorts? I'm sick of wearing the same boardshorts as 3 other bros at the becah

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Chambray shirt

I'm looking to get a nice blue chambray shirt. I might get the new AA one, but I'm a little skeptical about quality. Does anyone know about it, or other slim fitting ones in the $40-60 range

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Where can i get some contrast polos

I'm looking for some contrast polos. Id prefer a white one with blue collar, but I'd look at other colors.

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Russian hat

[Image] What do you think is the best place to find a hat like these for pretty cheap?

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Can anyone ID this sweatshirt


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I'm looking for an affordable wallet ($30-80). But the problem is, I want a very slim one, preferablly one that doesn't fold. Basically just a card holder with an ID sleeve. It doesn't need to have a money clip on it, but I wouldn't mind one. I've been looking at fossils, but I want to look at some other options.

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I need some suggestions for a backpack for college. I don't want that ugly jansport 15-pocket bags. I'd prefer a smaller-ish/medium sized bag thats pretty minimialistic and looks decent. Somewhere in the $1-$120 range.

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