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yall really not feeling da serena's????

I got them for my wife. The quality is excellent, way better than the Lebrons from the Royale collection. They are EXTREMELY feminine!! They have the freakin' queen of hearts on them! Nike rarely puts out women's shoes that are so creative and use such great materials, but they are women's shoes for sure. Leave 'em to the ladies.

2 Weeks ago in Brands

Newbie Bapes ?

I wish BWS NYC's raffle policy made as much sense as it obviously does in Japan. Instead of handing out raffle tickets before people wait out, they let a full line form and then hand out raffle tickets. You never know when they are going to use a raffle as opposed to just letting people in the door. There are many stories (mine included) of people waiting outside the store for many hours only to leave empty-handed while people who just rolled up get right into the store. I don't have a problem with the raffle system, I just wish they were a little more consistent. One funny thing I've noticed about the NYC store is that sometimes they don't put stuff on the shelves until later in the afternoon after the lines have actually gone away. I've benefited from this a couple of times. Basically if you want a good piece of Bape you have to drop by the store frequently, both before and after the store opens. A pain in the ass, for sure, but it's the best way to get authentic Bape at retail price.

2 Weeks ago in Brands