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Bed Bugs

[Quote] aside from clutter or bringing them in from a host, maybe this is why you have them. esp since u love vintage shopping. a wash has been in order for sometime. secondly, i just had bed bugs. they are annoying, 4 out of 6 families in my building had them. dont need to throw away anything wood so long as u go through the wood's knots(dark spots the critters hide in) annd kill them all. if u see a live one cut it and pop it in half and they do lay eggs so be thorogh. the clothes will be fine, just ash once. but the extrerminator must bomb your house. leave the bedframs in the house and be sure you spray and saturate everything, including the walls. fyi. bedbug bites are very distinct b/c they look like a track or two parallel rows from the bedbug biting you, then moving to a new spot as you stir in your sleep. i knowww this shit mannnn. [B]chincha te quiero[/B] btw, i bet empanadas de chincha would be awesome

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PS3: PSN Name Thread


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Little Big Planet

game of the year.

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Resistance 2

the single player campaign will be so worth my time. co0p is pretty cool but teammates can be nubz. howevere, i used to own at resistance fall of man and let me tell you, the online matches have a much different feel than the first game. way too much going on, the maps are too open. also, just snioe to own and the shield for the auger has made this a game for noobs. wont bother with this game at all aside from runnin through single player for some trophies, what a dissapointment. psn name -- Pushyawigback

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[Supreme NY] - 2007 Fall/Winter Discussion Thread

can't wait to order sumtin 2morrow

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