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OFFICIAL Vancouver Shopping Guide

I've been trying to find a nice pair of converses (nothing specific) that don't follow the original colour scheme. Robson/Metrotown/Richmond Centre really doesn't have anything (B2, Aldo...J2) so if anyone could recommend me a store that would be great.

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2011 NHL playoff thread.

Canucks vs Chicago....again tongueface

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What Video Game are You Playing


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This deserves its own thread

[Quote] 2nd chick the same as the one in the first post? (can't post links/images smh)

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Probably the greatest thing in youtube history at 1:11

he can't play WoW anymore so now he's trying new things, like sticking a remote up his ass...

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The stig is schumacher!

i don't see why people are so curious about who he is, if he's left as a mystery then it's more entertaining that way

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Post your favorite Gif's

^^ lol what a fatty

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Will.I.Am beats up Perez Hilton

Perez had it coming, talks so much shit lol

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Interesting Idea: Will Humanity last another 1,000 years?

If we don't develop a efficient way to use solar energy then we're screwed. Ozone = effect from the greenhouse effect?

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Ghetto Proms (lol)

did anyone else notice the triangle between her tits

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Official 1k page thread

abc is easy as 123 testing

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