Disappointed in myself VOL. almost fucked a fat(thick) broad

Whattup fam, just coming home from probably one of the most eventful nights of my life thus far. Basically I went to some club to celebrate my boys b-day, was drinking Ciroc talking to some fit broads, you know the usual. One of the fit girls I was talking to had to leave early (I guess she was fucking some next nigga). So at this point im a bottle of Ciroc deep and ready to fuck. One of the extra bitches that rolled was still there wanting my dick, so i was like fuck it im horny im bout it. 5 of us rent out a hotel and plan on fucking. Im still smashed and Im not comprehending what I was about to endeavour in. So this broad and I are in bed and im makng out and im pretty much rock soild and shes telling me that she has a BF. Im like  "Well, if you have a BF are you sure you want to do this?" she goes "ya, but no" so Im fucking like whatever I'm just going to fuck this broad. So a couple of minutes passes and Im too drunk to find the whole so I try and finger band my way in but shes denying it and It gets to the point where im like " you know what, this isnt even worth it, your're fucking fat and not really attractive, why am I fighting for your pussy" she starts going off about some shit on how she would fuck me good but she doesnt want to be unfaithful. and I just fucking get my clothes on and start to leave and I tell one of the other broads there that I should of fucked her instead. She giggles and was like "Ya i know". They were both like 6/10s so there was no glory in anything at the end of the night.  Not even trying to get mediocre punani anymore, sticking to cute (white) bitches that are 8/10 +. TLDR; Went to the club, then to a hotel with 5 other ppl. Fingered a bitch that wanted to fuck but had a BF, was too drunk to find the whole, gave up and told the other skinner fitter broad that I should of fucked her instead.

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YO HB how young is too young Vol. Need pussy *Update* Hit it last weekend

Yo whattup bros. so ya boy met this chick this past summer at a concert. This chick is a straight dime feel me, cute ass white girl with blues eyes and blonde hair. Ma looks like she's straight from an ambercrombie and Fitch catalogue. So Im sitting down minding my own business and she starts talking to me. I can tell shes feeling me or whatever so I get the digits and continue talking. Anyways I ask her how old she is and shes like shes 17. Im like fuck bruh im turing 20 and this broad is still in HS. So HB, what would you do?  Update: Aight fam, so ya boi hit it cause she turned 18, pussy was on point.

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Maroon Denim

Anyone know here I can find some skinny maroon denim jeans like the one is this pic [Image]

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Parka Jakets

Its about that season to start to bring out parkas. Post some dope ass Parkas in dis bitch.

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Took a shit on the Floor

And this is what came out [URL] Na but seriously I just started making beats and was looking for some feedback on this. Positive or negative. Just started making beats and playing piano in February.

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FL studios Help

Hey yall just having a little trouble with FL studios. I'm trying to render this track im working on and converting it into an mp3 file but the xp30 sound kit doesnt seem to play when is in mp3 format on itunes. Any solutions?

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Just want some feedback on this beat I just finished up. Just started using FL Studios and this is my first beat i actually tried to make. Just looking on what I need to work on. Tips are much appreciated. [URL]

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