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Do you care about a brand's "About" page?

Do you care about the "About" page that clothing brands tend to have on their website? Does it matter to you at all? I'm starting a brand and trying to write something for the about page. Maybe I'm over thinking this but I noticed many people talking about how amazing the story is that Johnny Cupcakes has on his website, so I felt a need to put some effort into my page.

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

Would you wear a shirt with the word ”death” on it?

I'm starting my own clothing brand and the name I am considering for it consists of two words. One of the words is "death," the other word is not at all threatening. I am concerned that the name could turn away many customers who may feel uncomfortable having the word "death" on a shirt. Along with the name, my artwork will be printed on this shirt. My art is generally aggressive imagery. Would you wear a shirt with such a brand name on it?

2 Weeks ago in Fashion