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La MJC x Colette 1500's

I have 2 pairs for sale if anyone is interested? Sizes 7 and 11.5. Please feel free to make me any offers... [URL]

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Hypebeast Fantasy Premier League

Any challengers to my crown? league code - 853-573 Good luck! (i think you are going to need it!!)

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NB sizing ?

I am going to get some 1500s, but don't have anywhere near me that sells them, so can't try them on. I take a 9.5UK in Air Max's, should i go with the same size for the NB's? Thanks

2 Weeks ago in Brands

Bape sizing?

My wife wants to get some Bape Stas. She wears a size 5 (UK), what size would i need to buy her (mens size?)

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Reebok pumps

Anybody know where i can get me some of the lows in this pic? or what they are called? [URL] Thanks

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Ordering from PYS

I ordered some nike am90 from them on the 1st march, and the paypal has been confirmed, but have not received a confirmation email from them? I emailed them yesterday, but have had no reply yet. It says i should get a tracking number to follow my kicks. Any body have any ideas? Thanks.

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Supreme x Futura x Silly Thing...

I am after a Supreme x Futura x Silly Thing box tee, white, size Large, but the only ones i can find are on Hong Kong sites, and they only have XL at Supreme Palace. Is there anybody here who can get one for me, or know of any good bid sites? Thanks in advance

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United Arrows x Nintendo ds case

Anybody know where i can get one of these? i really want the brown leather woven one.

2 Weeks ago in Gaming

Changing my name?

Is there any way i can do this without re-registering?

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Bathing Ape tartan scarf

Does anybody here know if they released this? [URL]

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...are fucking awsome. I live in the UK, so shits pretty hard to get over here, so when i check the website to order the polka dot hoody this morning, to find they closed the damn pre-orders, i was pissed. So i sent tham an email just to say how pissed i was that i slept on it, and i got a reply saying that because i would find it hard to get hold of one in the UK, they would make an exception! As you can tell, i am VERY pleased! MISHKA ARE DAMN FIRE!

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Supreme Palace

[URL] Are those prices for real? $1080 for a milo x kitty T? What the..?

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St Alfred x Bittersweet Tee

How hot is this Tee? have a look at it at [URL] That shit is nice.

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Magazine title

Can anyone throw some light on a magazine title for something i'm working on here in the UK? It is being marketed as a lifestyle magazine, with fashion, motors, houses etc. any ideas would be much appreciated, i'm completely stuck on this shit!

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Triumvir shirts 24-25 june

Hey, would anyone in the area be able to pick me up the white and grey tees in size large for me. I live in the UK. I will throw you some cash for the pickup. $20 BUCKS - CASH ONLY WHEN.. .- JUNE 24 ~ 25TH WHAT... - 3 new colors released - 499pcs produced from our left over tees - sizes M ~ XXL WHERE... - Next to Blends x Franco Shades Warehouse Sale... Look for US... (Address on Flyer) - NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE... PRICE... - $20.00 CASH ONLY *Limit 5 per person [URL] thanks all.

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