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WASSUP HB! This design has been in the works for a while, but we're finally releasing it for sale online. When we were at World of Dance NY, we had the opportunity to meet a lot of people, including crews from MTV's hit show ABDC. We got to talking to some of the dopest crews on that show and eventually started brainstorming on some collaborations we could do with them. Our first collaborative project was with ABDC's Season 5 winners, Poreotics. The design that we did for them was inspired by the combination of Poreo's robotic and toy-like movements in their dancing style meshed with the iconic LEGO figurines. We recreated each member of the crew into a LEGO figure. Needless to say, we are excited to bring you the first in our series of Dance Crew x Streetwear collaborative tees & tanks. These will only be available on [URL]

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[FYSH] 2010 Lookbook

FYSH has been around on the HB forums for a little bit. We are back with another season worth of items. FYSH was created by 4 young sneaker heads (F.Y.S.H) , but as we have grown so has our brand and the market. Anyways our emphasis has always been on kicks and clothing to match, but we also bring a youthful exuberance to our clothes. We have been playing with the nautical theme as always and hope you guys enjoy! Click for our Lookbook: [URL] [Image]

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[FYSH] - 2010 Official Discussion Thread

It's been a while HB! FYSH has just dropped 3 new headwear pieces and revamped the site temporarily until the new S/S drop for 2010. We got our start here back in 2006 in the Upcoming Brands section, no more now. We have a few B&M stores and have been shelling out consistent product over the last few years! [Image]

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[FS] - Nike SB Dunks Irons (10) / Bruts (10.5) / Tiffany (10.5) / Jedi (11)

Paypal only with confirmed addresses PLEASE! Prices + 4% Tiffanys and JEDIS are [B][SIZE="6"]VNDS[/SIZE][/B] Money Cats and Brust are [B][SIZE="6"]DS[/SIZE][/B] Irons are [B][SIZE="6"]NDS[/SIZE][/B] Tiffanys [VNDS] BIN: $400 JEDI [VNDS] BIN: $350 Money Cat / Maneki Hi [DS] BIN: $130 Shipped Bruts [DS] BIN: $130 Shipped Irons [NDS] BIN: $120 Shipped Irons also do not come with OG box or extra laces. ------------------------------------ Brut 10.5 DS: [URL]

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APC OR Hundreds

Not much into denim was hoping if you guys can provide some insight. I was looking and I like The APC rescue jeans. I went to the hundreds site and really dig the ink jeans and the adam jean (big bomb on the back). I guess from the hundreds site you can still order the fall 06 jeans? anyways I would like a straight fit. Are all of these selvedge?

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shops in vegas?

Hey guys any shops in vegas preferrably near the strip? preferrably near the strip. Mainly SB shops, shops that carry C&C 10 deep and such.

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Kiss kiss bang bang

This movie was pretty awesome to watch. I expected it to be a witty movie with good dialogue and some action. Robert Downing Jr. showed his skills in this one. The whole movie is like a dark comedy. Like this one part this body shows up in his bathroom and he notices when he is taking a piss. He turns all shocked and stuff but ends up pissing all over the corpse. hahhaha, It's like there is a dead body, but I laugh caus ehe pissed all on it, weird. what yall think about this one? If yall haven't seen it, its got witty dialogue comedy and lil bit of action. the plot has stuff going on and they all come together it's fun to watch.

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New Tiff Wallpaper

Here's for all you tiff lovers... i combined ejL.kickS's (ISS) [Image] EQUALS: (click for full rez 1440x650) [URL]

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Did anyone get those green and white london stussy dunks?

gahhh i want these so bad... Will they show up in the online store? Can one someone in london help me obtain a pair?!!?! [Image]

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Nice Gray / Dark Gray Hoodie?

What's a nice hoodie in a Gray color way? I kinda like the Gray crack but not the prices they are going for. thinkin about droppin up to 120 on it if needed.

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Kanji retailer? LF White hoodie with multi dog print all over XL

Looking for a Kanji retailer... I went to a store in the mall and i want to make sure that their price isn't too high. I can't find anywhere that carries the hoodie tho.. Here are some pics: [Image]

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