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Coupons and shit

[Image] Who would go try this out? You guys have any success/failure stories? I have an unblurred version if someone is willing to do it..

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Holy tits. Y'all seen this movie? If not, check it out on YouTube. :O

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Fuck This Generation

It just really gets to me when I see crowds of people disowning others because they're not dressing a certain way, or because they don't listen to the right music, etc. Why the fuck can't people be themselves instead of doing what's "cool". Because our generation is nasty and cruel. We're all so Damn spoiled with stuff. We have so much more than our parents did. Things have changed. I hate highschool. I can't wait to grow up and move away. Teenagers of 2009 are poison. Kids these days show NO respect either. For example, today in Health these kids who I'm usually cool with were talking about getting high and stuff, during someones speech after the teacher told them repeatedly that they needed to stop. So I just blurted out, "DUDE, SHUT THE FUCK UP!" and my teacher just shrugged. I just can't fucking stand people. No respect at all. For themselves, or others. Kids think they can do whatever the hell they want. Why the fuck even go to school if you aren't taking it seriously? This whole 'live fast die young' trend is getting real old, real quick.. That kid in my Health class was talkin about hitting a bong or something. I was just thinking, " you know what?; if you're not gonna even try or show some respect then just drop the fuck out, so people who want to have a future, can." I'm tired of this bullshit. Just bothers me so much. I have my morals. I'm sticking to them. This generation is so fucked up, I'm ashamed to be a part of it. When I walk down the streets I feel like older people are glaring at me or something, because they probably think because of my age, that I'm probably a loser, asshole. But I'm exactly opposite. I care about my life, and my future. I don't plan on dropping out. I want to be a successful person. I feel like I'm gonna be one of the few people of my generation who isn't gonna end up working at mcdonalds. It's because kids in school just don't give a fuck anymore..

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I'm white and I want a Samoan girl. Advice?


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Someone tell me what the fuck "cuh" means, and when you fags started saying it. I'm curious blushing

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Toy Story Double Feature

Who's going? I know I am... I used to love Toy Story movies when I was little. Can't wait to go see them in theaters again.

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