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Dubai’s Hip-Hop scene

Yes, you read the title correctly. As in, Dubai, the Gulf state of the United Arab Emirates. I, myself, am not originally from here. I'm from Chicago and originally from Palestine, but am now living in this city of splendor to teach high-school English. Being a rapper for as far back as I can recall, I spent time researching the scene here before hopping in. Since Dubai is a melting-pot, heads from all parts of the earth reside here bringin' their own flavor. Regardless, I dove face-first into the scene. Recently, myself and two other ill emcees also living here (Jibberish and Perfect Storm, whose videos I'll post too) started a YouTube project that I wanted y'all too peep and give feedback on. The episode-project is titled #FreeDXB (DXB is Dubai's airport code, and "free" refers to the fact that it's thematically freestyle-based) Here's the first episode: [Embed content] ...Lemme know whatch'all think! If you dig it, please share them joints on your FBs and Twitters, or subscribe, or whatever. We'd appreciate feedback on this growing and developing scene. PEACE, HB fam.

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Official I'm Jealous 'Cause Everyone Gets Bday Threads 'Cept Me & It's My Bday Thread

...It's my burfday today. Thanks for caring, hoes. I'm fucking 20, two-oh, no longer a teen, all grown in the pants AND head, so show me some love! ='( Now make it up to me w/ cool comments, and funny bullshit, and smilies, and MS Paint replies, and virtual hugs and kisses (no homo). I wear 10.5 in shoes, M in hoodies and tees, I like alife, Sapleme, PRL, Jordans, andddddd, uhmmm, other shit. PM me for my address. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. Scorpios represent tongueface

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Chi-town meet up part ii

...yeah niiggas, it went down, and it was doooope. There was no Wendy's, and no Urban Outfitters. Kicked in the city and just goofed around, politic'd, hit some joints up on a minimal scale, grubbed, took pics, then peaced after a bunch of hours. Peace to all who made it...[B]gp, PepShe, Citizen, Shane, AMuells, Wishezz, CityOfChi, cfarr, rtst, and CONQU!STADOR[/B] [Image] The end. Shane and rtst took pics w/ their DSLRs so they'll be posting 'em up. Good lookin out my niigga gp for that ride to my whip laaate

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Chicago House/Juke thread

Whatchall think of House music ?? ...or the sped-up "juke/footwork" music, which is also called "ghetto house"...its very prevalent in the Chi, kinda the GO's equivalent to Miami "booty bass" and Detroits "jitting" music. and I'm wondering if its known elsewhere, and what my Chi heads think of our glorious genre ... If you dont know what I'm talking bout, google the shit and browse around to get a feel [I]bounce and break yo back, bounce and break yo back, bounce and break yo back you bounce so hard you break yo back, girrrrl[/I]

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so, I'm bored and I feel like exercising my rap skills. This should be fun...as the title implies, everyone make up your own punchline ~...Ash is 'Robert Horry' for the 'crunchtime' bread ~I'm like a 'boxer knitting sweaters' in this '[i]punch[/i]line thread' ~Guzzling bourbon in a turban posing Arabic danger ~Steady bringing more dope than a heroin slanger

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Trae the Truth!!

...Ok, so I've come to terms with the fact that I cannot get enough of [I]every[/I] type of music that's out there. I started as a backpacker rap head (i.e. Aesop Rock, Atmosphere, Del, etc...), then I started only listening to Non-Phixion and Jedi Mind Tricks type shit...then I only liked Lupe for a while...then i got into emo/screamo/punk/metal rock...then I started experimenting with drugs and it occured to me that i love ALL types of music. Excuse that intro, but I had to put it into words. Anywho, I'm really feeling southern hip-hop nowadays and I feel like my niigga [B]Trae the TRUTH[/B] don't get much shine. I've been swervin in my Buick bangin the whole "Life Goes On" album and the "Assholes By Natures" comp album w/ Z-Ro and I must say, I think Trae is the nicest to come out of Texas (bar UGK) He is damn near flawless...He has music to tip to, to ride slow to, and the fact that he doesnt do drugs AT ALL yet maintains his G makes me respect him. Cause I stopped doing drugs a year ago and I feel like this niigga is talking to me. Who out there listens to my dude Trae????

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So who's feeling this niigga Charles Hamilton?

...I did a search and didnt see an official discussion thread about this guy. I personally think he's nice. And as an artist that gets compared to Lupe and Kanye, I expected this board to be banging alot of his shit but I dont see him being mentioned much. I was in toronto and every shop/boutique I hit was bumping dude's music. I d/l'd the "Outside Lookin" jawn and it was dope. Fave track: "Dont touch me" ...whatch'all think?

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Quality non-raw jeans...

I'm currently working on some APC NC's and I was considering getting some Nudie Thin Finns, but I'm skeptical because of what I hear about the inevitable crotch blow-outs, and because Im focused on this APC project for the mean time as far as unwashed denim goes...Plus I'd rather save my dough up 'til I can afford some Imperials or Skulls. So I decided to grab some non-unwashed jeans for the mean time I've kinda narrowed it down to either the American Apparel 'mineral wash' joints, some slim fitting light-blue faded Marc by Marc Jacobs, or some Corpus 'stick-g skinny acid wash'...but I'm def open to suggestions and input on the aforementioned jawns, any experiences or any other brands/models you suggest, etc... [B]American Apparel Mineral White[/B] -- $68 [Image] ...what do y'all think?

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I need some getting-around help from my Toronto bretherin asap...

Alright, so I'm currently visiting my sister in Trenton, ON. Come this Tuesday morning me and my mom are going down to Toronto to hang and stay the night, and spending Wednesday there until we have to fly back to Chicago. So I basically have about 2 days to shop/chill in Toronto. last time I was here (about a month ago), I hit up gdft/ransom and Cartel, and I would like to be in that general area (around urban outfitters, etc.) to shop again. Problem is, I have no clue where that area lands in accordance with 'downtown' Toronto, for all I know that COULD be downtown Toronto though I doubt it. Because my mom wants to see how downtown Toronto looks, take pics, spend time, etc etc. So I pose these questions for y'all... *How far is the area where gdft/ransom/cartel/U.O are located from 'downtown' (aka skyscrapers a bustle of people and the likes)? And how easy is it to travel between the two areas using public transportation? *How long does it take to get from downtown Toronto to the international airport, and again is there any public trans other than taxi cabs that can get the job done? Seeing that this is like 3 days away I'd appreciate it if y'all help me out here. later y'all, be easy

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Fuji S1000 or Canon SX100 ...can't decide

Alright...I'm tryna pick up photography and toss out my 5MP bullshit digi I picked up years ago for a bargain in exchange for a decent camera w/ way better results. What I [B]REALLY[/B] want is a decent DSLR, [I]buuut[/I] unfortunately my cash flow isn't up to par w/ my spending habits and wants so I'm forced to downgrade. Personally, I dont fucks w/ ebay and I don't like buying electronics off the internet...so after peeping around BestBuy and Walmart's websites, I saw 2 cameras that sparked my interest for their prices. Theyre both around the same price range so its a matter of which is better...and here is where I need help from my HB bretherin in deciding. [B]FUJIFILM S1000fd[/B] (10MP w/ 12x optical zoom) VS [B]Canon Powershot SX100 IS[/B] (8MP w/ 10x optical zoom) The Canon is a bit more expensive....what'chall think? Advice + input + help will be much 'preciated. Also: I want to take some fisheye flicks and other cool shots, would I be able to do this with either of these somehow? By buying an extended lens or something? Idk how that works... late

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Ken Griffey effin' Jr. to the SOX!

Yeah Griffey Jr. is 39...he's old. But the Sox traded two no-names for a damn good hitter w/ a lot more game left in him. We've managed to maintain the AL Central #1 spot for 102 days and w/ another power hitter in the middle of the line-up, hopefully some good shit will happen. Griffey + Jermaine Dye + Carlos Quentin = massive homer action Soxside pride 'til I die...whatch'all think?

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Who's hitting Rock The Bells this year?

2 days 'til the Chicago show...and this is my first RTB so I don't know what to expect, and I'm damn excited. Mainly to see Nas, Mos Def, Meth & Red, Tribe, and Technique. Hopefully due to Chicago being the first stop, it'll be a sick kickoff to the festival tour and set the standard for the rest of the cities. Anyone else going to the Chicago show or any other cities??? ...what should I expect? Like an outdoor/indoor backpacker convention with vendors and shit? Cause if so, I'll feel quite @ home. Early

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Getting from Toronto Zoo to the best shops in Toronto...

Whattup y'all. I'm currently in Trenton, ON for the week but I'm headed to Toronto for a day on Friday to take my nieces to the Zoo before I head back to Chicago...I'm trying to get an idea as to how I can reach places like Livestock, Cartel, Nomad, etc... My brother's gonna have the car so I'm forced to take some public trans. Help needed. I'm looking to copp clothes + hats this trip, not any shoes...Which shop(s) would be my best bet if I'm looking for Stussy/Supreme/C&C/undftd-esque stuff?... G'looks ahead of time. Late

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Bank Job

...just got back from this flick. It was a really good movie...anything with ol' boy from Transporter & Crank is good, he's a sick actor. Plot was nice, everything tied in together, and it kept you interested. Peep it

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New Mars Volta album released!

Anyone into The Mars Volta? It's neo-psychadelic progressive rock. Very experimental shit...The guitarist and drummer are insane, and the way songs are organized is sooo unorthadox. The dude on the vocals has one of the wildest voices ever...not to compare him to the lead singer of Zeppelin, but he's up there. Anywho, this new CD is called "The Bedlam in Goliath"...Copped that shit and it's def worth the buy. If you're into narcotics, this should be one of the funnest musical journeys for you..."De-Loused The Commatorium" is another dope ass Mars Volta CD, "Frances The Mute", all that shit...If you ain't up on TMV, go d/l or copp as much of their shit as possible, turn it up real high, and be amazed. My favorite track on this new joint is "Ilyena"...my fave joints from other albums are "Inertiatic Esp.", "Eriatarka", "Drunkenship of Lanterns", "Televators", "The Widow". Whatch'all think of the mah'fuckers?..

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