the story for those who dont know... [URL]

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Tokidoki Onitsuka Tigers

does anyone know where i can get a pair of these?the white low tops are the ones im lookng for.

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Dropped my car

[Image] i only lowered the front because i just wanted to see what it would look like, and i like.blushingbut i took it off today since winter is nearing and i dont want to be driving around acting like a snow plow so i put it back to stock springs.tell me what you guys think.

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Whos Your Favorite Model

i think my favorite model would have to be jeri lee

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Evo X

this is my brothers stock evo X which he got last week. now i get get his 95 galant but i am officially jealous of him now....but he is gonna let me drive his car once in a while.......hopefully.... my bro's car [Image]

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Which Car To Get?!?!?

i am about to get my license and i am saving my money to get a choices are either a 300zx 2+2(not NA version),mr2 (not NA version),or g35......but iunno which one to get.......if you guys have any other cars for suggestions just throw them at me......thanks..... PS.sorry but no american cars not my thing..

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been fresh lately??

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