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Prom help?

yeah its all about confidence......dont have to do anything fancy just take her aside and ask the question. i rmbr asking my girl out for prom back then went to her car tied a bunch of balloons on her car and told her to come out and meet me at her car and just asked

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Anyone still have their pokemon cards?

man i rmbr those days used to sell pokemon cards in middle school made some pretty nice money back then haha still got a collection of those holographic cards in my closet somewhere

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Cigarette on the Car

[Quote] i agree with what you are saying. boy prbly thought he was acting like the shit doin that sorta thing. he prbly jealous you rolling with your girl to a party or somethin u kno?

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Public urination

lol were you drunk? i public urinate everywhere when i'm drunk hahaha ticket prbly will cost couple hundred depending

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