[FS] Supreme LA Team Snapback CHEAP

I ship to the continental US Paypal +4% verified addresses No flaws, looks brand new $40 shipped [Image]

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FS Supreme LA Team snapback / Hawaiian Floral cap

I ship to the continental US only, prices include shipping, add 4% Supreme LA Team snapback (worn 1x, no signs of wear) $40 shipped Supreme '08 Hawaiian Floral cap (BRAND NEW with tags) sold both hats for $45 shipped!!!!!!! [Image]

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[FS] 8/8.5 Onitsuka and Adidas

I ship USPS priority to the U.S. only. Meetups in Chicago are possible. Paypal only. [Image] Size 8 Onitsuka Rotation 77 (Nubuck leather with suede toebox). Worn once. Bought for $68 not including tax, selling for [B]$42[/B] shipped! Size 8.5 Adidas Samba Original in suede cream/brown/white. Worn twice. Bought for $60 not including tax, selling for [B]$42[/B] shipped! I will sell both for $70 shipped. Keep it cool, HB. smokeyface

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[FS] size 9 Vans

I need to sell these quick. Prices are firm. I ship to the U.S. only. Paypal only as well. I have all brand new, size 9 grey authentics (GONE) , black/black slipons, white/white slipons. 32 shipped each. if you buy more than one i can give you a better price. other than that, prices are pretty firm. [URL]

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[FS] Very cheap HUF 5 Panel

I ship to U.S. only, Paypal only, you add +4% for paypal fees. Worn twice HUF SF Plaid "Volleyball" Box Logo 5 Panel Hat. No tears, stains, rips, or any of that stuff. Kept in a pet and smoke-free environment. Retails for $38 bucks but I'm letting you take it for $25 shipped for a fast sale. Jump on it. [Image] [URL] One size fits all!

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Rolling up your jawns

Who else here does this? I do this when I bike and just leave it there because I'm lazy. People think that I'm waiting for a flood, but I just tell 'em that it feels good, man.

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Very cheap Vans!

I ship USPS Priority (takes two days.) I ship only to the United States. Add 4% for paypal fees. [B]Vans Leather Chukka Boot LX [/B] Size: 9.5 Price: SOLD Condition: Brand new. Deadstock. [URL] [B]Red Half Cabs[/B] Size: 9.5 Price: SOLD Condition: VVVNDS, worn indoors twice [9.9/10] Pics coming soon! [B]Blue/Tan Sk8 Hi's[/B] Size: 9.5 Price: SOLD Condition: VVVNDS, worn indoors twice [9.9/10] Pics coming soon! [B]Red Sk8 Hi's[/B] Size: 9.5 Price: SOLD Condition: VVVNDS, worn indoors twice [9.9/10] Pics coming soon! [B]VVVNDS Vaporous Grey Puma Suedes[/B] Size: 10 Price: [COLOR="red"]SOLD[/COLOR] [B]VVNDS White Chukkas[/B] Size: 9 Price: [COLOR="red"]SOLD[/COLOR] [B]Purple Authentics[/B] Size: 10 Price: [COLOR="Red"]SOLD[/COLOR] Any more questions, let me know. Don't be afraid to throw me offers. The Chukka Boot LX's come with an extra pair of the same laces. They are going for $95+ on Ebay. Cop yours for $80 shipped right here.

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The REAL Longest Rap Thread


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[FS] Vans/Puma in size 9-10 CHEAP!!!

USPS Priority shipping (2 day shipping) to 48 states with tracking number Paypal or pickups (north side of Chicago) only Money orders at your own risk Add +4% for paypal fees [B]Vans Leather Chukka Boot Cup LX from '08[/B] These are sexy as hell, going for 100 shipped on ebay. Comes with extra pair of the same laces. Size: 9.5 Price: 86 shipped OBO Condition: Brand new (10/10) [Image] [URL] [B]VVNDS White Chukkas[/B] Size: 9 Price: SOLD [B]Purple Authentics[/B] Size: 10 Price: SOLD Any more questions, let me know.

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What kind of Clarks are these?

[Image] What kind of Clarks are these???

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How many times before you wash?

How many times do you guys wear your tees before washing them? Sometimes I see things like "Worn 4x, Washed 1x" in the for sale thread. I can't go more than one wear before washing a shirt. Don't your shirts smell?

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[FS] DS Vans Chukka Leather Boot Cup LX sz 9.5

USPS Priority shipping to 48 states (2 days only!) with tracking number I do not ship outside of the U.S. Paypal or pickups (Chicago) only! I have for sale a pair of: [B][SIZE="5"]DS Vans Chukka Boot Cup LX[/SIZE][/B] Size: 9.5 Price:[COLOR="red"]BIN 120, lowered to 100, lowered again to 90.[/COLOR] (They retailed 90 and now they have been sold out.) [Image] [URL] Metal tag Any more questions, let me know. Keep it cool, HB. smokeyface

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[WTB] sz 13 AJ1 retro

I'm in Chicago. Looking for DS Air Jordan 1 Retro's. size 13-ish. AIM: dvkatana for fastest communication

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Good biking shoes

I know a lot of you guys are probably fixie riders. From what I've seen, and with most of my friends, fixie riders like Vans for riding but I'm thinking its just for looks. I've heard the Adidas Sambas are a good choice because of the hard sole but there are way too many people wearing Samba's at my school. I'm just wondering what kind of shoes you think are good for biking and why. I'm looking for a clean, low top shoe. Any ideas? I'd be willing to spend around 50 bucks or more depending on how nice they are.

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[FS] Glow-in-the-Dark Nooka Watch

Verified [B]paypal[/B] OR [B]pickups[/B] on the North side of Chicago. I bought this [I]Nooka Zen H[/I] a week ago and wore it two times. There are no imperfections at all, and it's working perfectly fine, it's basically brand new; I treat my possessions with care. The battery it uses is a CR2016 which sells for a dollar and is found almost anywhere that batteries are sold. The battery life itself is supposed to last for two years anyway. (Battery is included and already installed for you.) The watch comes with everything (the watch itself, case, warranty information book, instructions manual). The watch will also be shipped via USPS Priority Shipping (2 days!) This model of watch was worn by Kanye West during his glow in the dark tour and retails for $150. I need to make money for Prom so I need to sell this fairly quickly. My "Buy-it-now" price is [B][COLOR="red"]$110 shipped[/COLOR][/B] but just throw me some offers if you are interested. [Image]

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