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Harvard #Based Swag

You at Harvaaard? You already swagged out.

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What is your major?

Mechanical engineering here, almost minored in physics. There are hella accounting majors on here, accounting sounds boring AF... My advice to OP: study something that makes you marketable after college, there will always be a need for engineering/technology and healthcare. Learn something useful, then study what you really enjoy as a minor or 2nd major. Don't be that guy with a bachelors in English and no job prospects.

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why does it all have to happen to me.

Sounds like OP is just making a series of poor life choices. Do illegal activities, be prepared to pay the consequences. Buy a bicycle, get a gig at a gas station or grocery store, swallow your pride, and get to working!

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Leather bracelets/bands?

Tanner Goods has pretty good selection and high quality pieces also.

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When did you start rocking SBs?

I just copped my first pair of SB blazers today too, I never knew they were so comfortable! I picked up the black/white highs, I want the charcoal lows and Shogo's now, they clean.

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