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Stussy x Futura x Medicom

[B][URL][/B] [CENTER][COLOR=#c3593c][Image][/COLOR][/CENTER] Stussy Japan is going to release the Be@rbrick Stussy Destiny 400%, a collaboration by Stussy, Futura and Medicom Toy by 3rd May 2008. This Be@rbrick featuring the colorful skulls that Futura created for the Destiny Collection. Anyone know if these are coming to the states? I would love to have one of these.

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"Gangsta Lean" Puto

[SIZE=2]Here is the "Gangsta Lean" Puto AP 3/18 I won in Huck Gee's auction for St. Jude's Children Research Hospital. Thanks Huck for letting me get a great piece while doing something good for the children. Now the pics: [/SIZE] [SIZE=2][Image]

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Secret Base X Super 7 Voodoo Fighter Set

Super7 brings you the Secret Base x Super7 Voodoo Fighter Set By the last light of a waning moon drenched in the broken rhythm of a hundred drums, anointed with the blood of a panther cub (and tasting very much like chicken) a voodoo warrior is raised from the smoke and ash. Voodoo Skull Brain has been sent for you. The blue voodoo plush bears its heart and safety pins waiting obediently to bear the brunt of your wraith. The red orange and yellow paint on clear vinyl allow you to glimpse the powerful Voodoo doll inside. (Voodoo pins, zombie powder, and chicken blood NOT included) This voodoo fighter is the first of six figures in the Secret Base x Super7 Voodoo set. These figures will be releases on the 13th of each month. If your mastery of the dark arts is strong and you acquire all six fighters the ability to summon a 7th bonus voodoo figure of unmatched power will be bestowed upon you. Voodoo Skull Brain drops Sunday, April 13th, 2008 @ 11 AM PST in the Super7 SF store for $65 each, available online, in store, and through the S7 Distribution Network. [Image] This is going to be my first Kaiju.(other than KFGU) I hope to get the whole set.

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Black and White And Red All Over

Coming soon from Luke Chueh and Munky King Based on the original painting by [URL]. Sculpted by [COLOR=#0000ff]Dave Pressler.[/COLOR] [Image]

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Front page problems

The ads and stuff on the right of the screen cover some of the pics and articals on the front page. Is this some thing wrong on my end? Thanks

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80's party?

I am going to an 80's party this weekend and have no idea what to wear. Any ideas would be appreciated. Pics would help too.

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Kidrobot Scavenger Hunt

Anyone else doing this? I have about half the list. Its on [URL].

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? about the XX3's from the DVD.

Anyone have any info on the White/Red XX3's from the DVD that came with the XX3's? Are they releasing? Thanks.

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Smash up for pre-oreder on ToyQube

We are taking pre-orders for Smash figure by Joe Ledbetter. With a deposit of $20.00, you will have less worries about not getting this hot figure. Smash by Joe Ledbetter, produced by Toy2R, both color version is limited to 1500pcs. 8" tall and articulates at the neck, legs, shoulders and wrists. The final price is $79.95, estimated shipping date is May 08'. [URL] [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][COLOR=#0000ff][Image][/COLOR] [/FONT][/LEFT]

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Problem with forum!

When i am on the forum home page I can see new posts, but when I click on a sub-forum all the posts are stuck on Oct. 2 '07. Please help. you may have to PM me cause i can't see the new posts. Thanks

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midnight navy/orange blaze/ peapod VIII LS?

Are they coming out in July or September I have seen both? Thanks

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Womans Dunkestos at Nike outlet.

I was at the Nike outlet today and they had some pink and grey woman's Dunkesto's. Its the one in Concord, NC. It was a colorway I had never seen before. They had a full size run for $59.99.

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Burgandy and Olive V Re-stock

The footaction near me got a re-stock of the Burgandy and Olive V's. If anybody is interested PM me.

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? about De LA SOUL Lows.

I wore my de la lows for the first time yesterday and noticed it said "SP KRISPIES" on the white ankle padding. I got them for a sb shop the day they came out back in '05 so I know they are legit, I was just wondering if they were all like this.

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My Birthday Cake

Check out what my Lady made for me for my Birthday. [URL]

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