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Chicago Meets Japan in "Chi-bUya"

[Image] NEW MUSIC. brandUn DeShay. "Chi-bUya" Produced by Don Kevo. [URL]

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Ass X Adventure Time X Cookie Monster X DeShay Video =]

[Embed content] Jus droppd this video today and its got sum great ass in it so i figurd yall'd like it. This song is on my All Day DeShay: AM album thas at: http://brandundeshay.com AAAAAND if u like it, let ur friends and fam kno! =] Thank yall. Hypebeast get the money.

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Official brandUn DeShay - All Day DeShay: AM Thread

[B]Whaddown yall[/B]. Im droppin my first album on friday. I peepd sum of yall beat me to a thread for the first single, "1Up" lol but heres the artwork aaaaand i'll add a link to the album when it drops. I been on HB for bout 2years so i seen a lot of talent come in and out of here and Im proud to be amongst it. I get a lot of love from yall and i SERIOUSLY appreciate that shxt. [B]Thank u! =][/B] [Image] TRACKLIST: 1. Shay Loves To Ball 2. World Famous 3. They Notice (starring [B]Rockie Fresh[/B]) 4. NOW! *OVA* 5. Ur Fresh! 6. VirGo Away For Awhile (starring [B]Allen Ritter[/B]) 7. Canopy 8. Why Bother (starring [B]Raz Fresco[/B]) 9. FTW! (starring [B]Vic Mensa[/B]) 10. 1Up 11. Letter To God 12. Take It Back! 13. LATER! *OVA* 14. Canopy Pt. II *BONUS TRACK* [URL]

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My dopest beat??? Kreayshawn diss

why are people sayin this is one of the dopest beats ive made? lol my ex called my last nigh to tell me it was my wackest...lol but the shxt do "slap". [URL] i jus made the beat. im kanye in "Takeover" *Kanye Shrug*

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MTVu...brandUn DeShay...Hypebeast Help.

whaddown. to all those that fxck wit me or not, ima still need yall [COLOR="red"]help[/COLOR] big time. Im entered in a contest for [COLOR="red"]MTVu[/COLOR] to get my vid showin for a week on the channel. [URL]

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(Run) To The Sun MUSIC VIDEO

This song is a tribute to one of my favorite N*E*R*D songs, if not my favorite, Run To The Sun. The video was shot in ATL by Director Fr33zr in about 6hours. This is just the teaser video though because the producer of the song, Full Crate, jus got a UK label to release the full song (below the video) as a single; vinyl and all. We're shooting an official video in June and im waaaay amped cuz Full Crate is one of my fav producers ever lol ENJOY! =] [URL]

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Think N*E*R*D meets Full Crate...

Literally. those are two of my favorite artists so Crucial and Elbee Thrie of Phony Ppl and I (peep the correct grammar) came together to do this. [URL].

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holy fxck! hot ass asian chick.

I composed the music score for this Short Film. the hottie is Arnelle Lozada. Directed by Aris Jerome. [URL] [Image]

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Beats by Shay (hehe) brandUn DeShay

For those looking for beats to buy or jus beats to listen to, i jus released a new beat pack: [URL] BEAT PACK 8.

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i kno. this is SO immature. but i Tahiry jus tweetd this and i was inspird. i ain see a Ass thread so i said fxck it. i'll make one. Please feed the thread =] [Image]

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NEW brandUn DeShay (LOVERS/HATERS Welcome =] )

its 2011 people. a great opportunity jus crossd my desk earlier this week. smokeyface i wont be doin anymore solo music for awhile BUT! i will be producin still, of course. SO! this will be my last release for a bit. Its called "Right About Now" Produced by ME!! &)&)&) i kno its sum haters for UNMUSIC RELATED reasons and thas cool. if u willin to listen wit an honest ear, id appreciate ur feedback. thank u. God bless =] [URL] [Image]

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Post Your Ex G.F/Boo.

Pull your trophies out the cabinet. Its jus wha it sounds like. But yall gotta be honest. Not ur crush. Sum1 u rly fxckd wit. Hoes do count (for Infamous). if u like me, u dont date much neways. so girls u were "wit" do count. I'll start wit my 1st h.s g.f. [Image]

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Letter To God [Prod. Best Kept Secret]

Letter To God [Image] [URL]

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Raz Fresco X brandUn DeShay

[Image] Super Smash Bros. - Raz Fresco & brandUn DeShay [URL] .

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