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[FS] Large Grey Box Logo Hoodie

Ok, first off I attempted selling this on here a few months back, and COMPLETELY forgot about it.  I just saw I had about 30 unanswered pm's haha.  Sorry about that if you were one of those people, I will finally get back to you now. Bought this grey box logo last season (f/w '12) basically I wanna size up this season so im tryin to get rid of this one. Like I said its a Large.Just offer up, and I will take more pics upon request [Image] *Edit* forgot to post Condition, I would say its a 8-9/10 idk how thing works, sorry guys  I have worn it maybe 10-15 times max since ive got it If this post looks familiar, I have the same exact one up on reddit Sorry All, I just read threw my last post, apparently im supposed to have 50 posts and tagged pics to sell on here, I'll get some tagged pics up by the morning, as for the post count, yeah, theres nothing I can do about that.

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[FS] Large Grey Supreme Box Logo Hoodie

[Image] today ive got a large grey box logo hoodie. I just bought it f/w12 and i havnt worn it many times since it doesnt fit how id like Im looking for $190 but i am open to all offers so offer up and we can talk.

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