Karmaloop and Others Pushing Agendas

I opened my email today and found an email from Karmaloop. Not that strange since i am signed up to their mailing list for deals and what not and have purchased from them before. But this email wasn't about "OMG get 50% off, if you buy this and this" or "NEW LRG ETC" Instead it was a pitch for Martha Coakley, a politician running for the Senate seat here in Mass. Now, i understand Karmaloop is hip and not a "Mcfashion fighters" (they use that word not me) so they obviously support Obama and whatever the fuck he does. But it made me think, I gave them my email, not because i wanted to know who to vote for or any propaganda bullshit, i wanted clothes, sales and deals on clothes. Plain and simple. Now maybe the Owner/CEO is a Democrat hipster who supports Obama, but fact is I don't and even if i did, i really dont wanna hear about it from a store. So what do you guys think, should stores push their agenda? especially when many americans are retarded and listen to propaganda? Here is the email: [Quote]

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Free shit! Lockerz.com not spam! Free invites

Hey, There's this new site my brother invited me to [URL] supposedly you gain points and then redeem them for free shit. Now i have done searches and people have pics of them actually getting the shit, so seems legit...you can get like xbox 360, ps3 games, macbook etc. just gotta play games, answer questions and bullshit. Who wants an invite? PM me your email. Also to all the *****z saying its a scheme...you dont have to sign up for trials you dont have to give them any of your info if you dont want to. So if you came to hate...HATE ELSEWHERE!

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Spring Jackets

As the title states post up photos and information on any spring jackets you like or think are good etc. H&M has a nice spring jacket, currently trying to find a pic, but they ran out of the dark grey color right away at my local one. It was a very simple jacket with a zipper on the left chest and then two pockets but was really nice and clean. So need to find something else.

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[FS] - Size 10 Nike SB Dr. Feelgood's Never Worn

Hello, I have a great pair of Nike SB Dr. Feelgoo's Size 10 for sale. These have never been worn and have never been taken out of the box except for 2 pictures! Shipping will be $12. No trades. [URL]

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[FS] Dr. Feelgood's Size 9.5 Never Worn, Never open

I've got some Dr. Feelgood's never worn in original box. size 9.5 will not take trades...make offers...picsup later please dont delete thread. [COLOR="Red"][B] PM me when you are ready to upload pics and i'll un-lock this thread... Naked Pimp[/B][/COLOR]

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Rob's Sunglasses From Rob and Big?

What are these? [Image] Alrite i know its not the greatest pic but if need be i will get more screenshots of it from the episode. Its from episode like 4 or something the one where Big is going on a diet. And The sunglasses Rob is wearing are really nice so was wondering what brand it was.

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Article on Hype

Little article I wrote to kick off my hopefully written daily or atleast weekly blog. Not trying to be some really popular blog or anything like that. Just want to get ideas across from time to time and become better at writing. Only way to do so is by writing. I could of went more in depth but yea. laziness. [URL]

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I know Circa has some nice kicks coming out i saw only one so far that has like circa logo everywhere and such in their new skate video. Anyone got pics of their other line up? Cus i checked their website and the only one is the all over Circa logos and such shoe. Wish they made another shoe like the one collab one they released before.

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Post Your Nike ID's

Alrite in this thread post only pictures of any Nike ID's you have made and even a screenshot of a nike ID you have have made. That way this helps users (like myself) figure out how certain colors look, material etc. and just how the shoe will look overall when done. And the screenshots will just help with ideas. I'll show the Nike Air 90's I plan to purchase in a week.

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Some sneakerhead on Tyra Banks show

Well I was just flicking through and saw sneakers so stopped and then saw the dude Chris...something the dude he did the Flight Club video on Riott.com or something. But his wife is trying to get help cus he has a sneaker addiction blah blah. and just now before going to commerical he gave Tyra his Playstation AF1's for 7 days. Found it interested seems sneakerheads and the sneaker culture is popping up everywhere.

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Real Facts on Dia De Los Muertos

Alrite there have been plenty rumors and many people wondering about these shoes. First off I got back from a very reputable shop here in Boston called Laced. They recently got their Nike SB account but said they will be getting these shoes and that they will not only be dropping in Mexico if they will be dropping there at all. So don't worry they will be in America. Also he said that a few shops in Boston most likely are not getting them so I am assuming that means not every single shop will be getting them so check with your local shop and try and find out. Because if you want these you are going to need to find a shop that is getting them and be ready. He also told me call him a week or two into October and he will tell me exactly when he will have them and when he can sell them Because he was not sure yet if he can only sell them on November 2nd or something. So he might be able to sell earlier possibly. So again it will be released in the states, probably wont be widespread, and is dropping November 2nd-4th. So no more hype rumors. Goodnight.

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ZoZo tee?

[Image] I am loving that tee and that asian girl is just fucking hot. oh man. anyone know where i can order this online thats in english or anyone can get me it etc.?

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Another Paris Hilton Tee

heh found this on ebay. [URL] Pretty funny cus it is atleast a little different she has her mouth open more and 2 hands. But kind of seems a bit less quality. I might consider copping it over the Coupe De grace if it werent 60 bucks.

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Mailing List/Social Idea

Hey, Well I recently had the idea for 2 sites. Wanted some feedback good or bad. 1st Idea- A clothing, lifestyle, new items type of mailing list. Basically what you Hypebeasters would want but all in a convenient email. Now yes why not just go to Hypebeast, Slamxhype etc. For sure this isnt to compete with these blogs. What this is for is the hypebeaster who wants to be able to have an email that shows the best of the week and newest exlsuive stuff without having to go through all the blogs and keep hitting previous page to see what he/she missed. And just makes it more convenient. 2nd Idea- Not sure this will go over to well but just a possibility. Well Sneakerplay has seen great success in getting people hyped up and wanting to join the site and truly is a well done site. Well I was wondering if it would be in anyone interest to do this but more so along the lines of just anything though. just a place to meet fellow sneakerheads, hypebeasters etc. and a lot of chatting can be done etc. Let me know!

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Krew Hoody: New Little Info

Hey, Well just got back from my local skate shop. Was trying to look for some Morks possibly but apprently the guy said Nike sends them stuff whenever. But I then asked him about the TK designed Krew hoodies he said december. And apparently he just recently stopped but was working with or for Krew for the last 9 months. And he gave me a little info saying that the hoodies are being made by the exact same company that makes the Bape hoodies. So basically same stuff but for sure not $200 price tag. Found that to be interesting not sure if that was known yet? I've read threads before on Krew here and didn't see it mentioned. It's not that big of a deal but just shows how overly hyped stuff can be overpriced considering Bape's go for a hell of a lot more than the about $60 price tage the Krew's will be going for. But also wanted to ask if anyone knew any online shops or places that were getting it sooner. Kind of dont want to wait till December.

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