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Death Sentence

This topic is hot on other forums..thought i should share it on hb... Just wondering what your view was on the Death Sentence. A man was supposed to receive lethal injection around 12am March 13th,2009 in Walla Walla, WA. For killing a young lady after torturing her for 32 hrs then slitting her throat and left her in a car trunk. Within 24 hrs he did the same thing to another lady in another state. The family members of the 1st victim drove from another state just to witness the execution. To only find out within 24 hrs that supreme court had put the execution on stay. Stay = on hold. Execution will be on postpone for a couple months. In my opinion, I believe we cannot play God in that situation. So if it was me, I would let him rot in jail and let the good Lord take care of revenge...What do you think? Should there be a death sentence? And should it be lethal injection or the old fashioned electricity?

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