[RMK CLOTHiNG]- 13" Jacket Game Changer Dicussion Thread

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RZA's kung-fu movie: Man with the Iron Fist

[Quote] The Eli Roth quote seems right on. Hope for the best! WU TANG!

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Adidas Jeremy Scott

[Quote] These are the freshest ones. Definitely art pieces more so than functional footwear.

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Need a jacket..

[Image] Check out RMK's jacket collection. The independent is straight killing the game via Karmaloop http://ow.ly/ckCsx

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Celebs Rocking Heat v2

Hyper freshness! [Image] Boom, RMK CLOTHiNG! Get it here http://ow.ly/ckCsx

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Film: Bikes, BABES, Cuffs? RMK CLOTHiNG

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[RMK CLOTHiNG] – 2012 Official Discussion Thread

[Image] [URL]™ by Ryan Marc Katz is a reinterpretation of the classic Americana lifestyle for the modern man. Passion for timeless attire and automobiles from a monumental era are kept alive by fusing progressive design, art, materials and function for unrivaled swag and comfort. Envision contemporary sportswear harmonized with urban, modern art and active wear details. “Having been raised near the beach in Southern California & South Africa there was always a presence of luxury, grit and active wear. Through RMK Clothing™, I fuse them together and make effortless garments”, shares RMK Clothing™ founder Ryan Marc Katz. See the collection via Karmaloop: http://ow.ly/ckCsx [Embed content]

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The Official Leather Goods Thread

I'm diggin these! Fresh!

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brand check


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Most comfortable shoes you own.

Vans perforated leather "Black Out" special edition kicks. AMAZING!

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What are you listening to?


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