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The Journey: From 265 to 180lbs.

I have lurked here for many years, mostly watch the front page and browse the forums for restock alerts and shit. This thread struck a nerve with me so I wanted to register and wish you luck. People who have never let themselves go will never understand how hard it is to lose weight when you whale up (no offense to you) you'll get some hate, you'll get some support, ignore the haters and focus on your goal. You can do it, if you want. Nobody can hold your back but yourself, remember that. Keep the Kate Moss quote in mind "Nothing taste as good as skinny feels" As for me, I went from about 400 to 175, I'm still losing, but I'm a lot happier than I was at 400, haha. Goodluck homes. [Image] also, the EC/ECA stack or other thermogenic routes (old formula oxyelite) are great for the short run, but changing your diet and lifestyle are much more important. you can't take that shit forever, so learn to eat and exercise, do that and you won't need pills

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