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I've got a DS Kate Moss t and DS Arabic hoodie I'm willing to throw in. Both grey size L. Plus cash if you feel like it's really necessary. Let me know

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Red Wing 875 Oro-iginal Sz 8.5

Sup guys I have a pair of Red Wing 875s up for grabs. Size: 8.5 Color: Oro-iginal Condition: About 9/10. Worn maybe 10x -- from car, to class, back to car again -- and have a bunch of breaking in left to do. Starting the price at $200 shipped out. Would REALLY like to trade for a pair of 6" Round Toes in same size/color/condition. [Image] Don't be afraid to hit me up with a PM. Always willing to negotiate. Thanks.

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Samurai S510xx21oz

Sup guys Got a pair of Samurai 510s in 21oz up for sale. Size 31. I've never worn them around, only hot soaked and tried on. My true waist is a 33 and these fit me no problem. They've also got a 34.5 inch chainstitch hem from Self Edge SF. Looking for around $350 shipped out, but this is negotiable. Just shoot me a PM Waist: 30 Leg Open: 8.5 Inseam: 33.5 Thigh: 11.5 Front Rise: 11 Rear Rise: 14 [Image] You can also email me at [email]drewromero@gmail.com[/email] Let me know what you think

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Used Red Wing Shoes

Looking for a pair of used Red Wings. Any model. Size 8, 8.5, or 9. Don't care how fucked up they are; the more the better. Check my sig, down for any trades or will even add cash. Shoot me a PM Thanks.

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Official US Open Tennis Thread

Andy Roddick should be executed

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[FS/FT] Nike SB Money Cats, Milk Cartons, Adidas, Reebok. *Great Condition. Cheap.

alright check it out. got all these sneaks up for sale. want to get rid of ALL of them. [B]none of the prices are set in stone.[/B] throw me an offer, chances are i'll take it. prices will go down drastically if you buy more than one pair. down to trade also. i take pretty good care of my shit. most of these have been worn less than five times. let me know what you think, we can work somethin out. format: BOTH SHOES>RIGHT SHOE>INNER RIGHT SHOE>LEFT SHOE>INNER LEFT SHOE>SOLE [U]NIKE SB - "Money Cat" Dunk His[/U] size: 9 color: white/red/black condition: 9.5/10. worn 1x. price: [B]$100[/B] [Image] *original box [B]PAYPAL ACCEPTED. SEND AS GIFT[/B]

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[FS/FT] Diamond, In4mation, Crooks x Manik, 10Deep. *Excellent Condition. Cheap.

What's good. Got a bunch of shit I'm tryna get rid of. [B]None of the prices are definite.[/B] Always down to trade. Let me know, I'm always willin to negotiate. Just toss me a PM, whatever. You know how this works. [U]DIAMOND SUPPLY CO. - "Cold as Ice" shirt[/U] size: M color: lavender condition: 9.5/10. never washed. worn 2x. price: [B]$OLD[/B] [Image] *hate to see this thing go. one of my favorite cut & sew pieces to this day. great fit. excellent details. females love it. slit pockets. cigarette print runs through entire inside of hoodie. hidden pocket on the inner right chest area. [B]PAYPAL ACCEPTED. SEND AS GIFT[/B]

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Denim Storage

Yo how do all you motherfuckers store your denim? I know it's best to let them chill as they fall naturally but what happens when you got like five pairs. you just let them scatter all over the house? i know you dont fold em, hang em or what? Fill me in here.

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