W magazine roasts fashion week

lmao this kills me. really sad HB didn't do it first with a supreme line or something. [Embed content]

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Adobe's design tips for logo designing


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[Supreme] - Spring/Summer 2017 Discussion

2016 Thread - [URL] Enjoy

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Obama's Presidency

I remember it was just yesterday that I was on HB when Obama won the first election 8 years ago. The original shoutbox had like 50 dudes in it chanting how their lambo was blue and now the presidenet was black. Twas a cool two terms.. hopefully the country can keep moving in the right direction.  [Embed content] Anyways, drop more Obama content in here to celebrate our first black president, and the coolest president to date.

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Goals for 2017?

Sup yall what you got planned for next year? goals? achievements?  2017 is my year to do focus on making and creating. felt really out of touch with my creativity this past year.

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The OA - New Netflix Show

Just started this new netflix show.  Got some darker teenage Stranger Things vibes. 3 episodes in and its getting trippy. I highly recommend

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Love Magazine Advent 2016

Figured our forum bros would want this all in one place. Some of these are super weak and terribly made but why not make a post out of it  [Image] Day 1  [Embed content]

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Please use the 'Music Submissions' section to submit new music

[Image] Please keep new music submissions to the 'Music Submission' section so that theres a bit more organization.  [URL]

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President Trump

Maybe we can discuss things up in here.

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FORUM UPDATES - [11.8.16]

Just starting a thread so that I can notify yall about new small features. feel free to request and discuss stuff here as well.  9.29.16 Added pages that show all threads from all categories -[URL]  Shoutouts to the great Tom Lo for finally getting some time to work on this stuff. Thanks for sticking around yall, more updates to come.

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HBX Archive Products

Sup yall, kind of a shameless advert but I'd rather yall get a chance at copping this stuff if you don't already know about it. HBX raffles a chance to buy hyped up releases at a retail price, see all the products [URL]

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What void does streetwear/fashion fill in your life?

Saw this on Reddit and thought yall may have some nice answers. [URL]  "so what gaping hole in your soul does streetwear fill? for me it has to be my crippling emotional state and lack of a significant other. So on those bleak mornings when I struggle to get out of bed, I throw on a bape tee, a crisp pair of jeans, some rafs and a bogo hoodie. I can only then warm my cold heart a little from all the heat I'm wearing."

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Fashion Inspiration Thread

Post up outfit inspirations and dope fits

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[Supreme] - Fall/Winter 2016 Discussion

Webstore closed for Spring/Summer.  New thread time

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[URL]  sup

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