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Announcing the Official Closure of The HYPEBEAST Forums - 8/31

lolllll, i had to manually add users back then too  good responses up in here, yall bringing he feels. 10 years of my life, 11k posts, and it took me to the other side of the world. Yall some real ones, and we will regroup on the other side.

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Official Hypebeast Memories thread

need to hear those two songs @itiswhatitis also i don't remember isiah rashad from bruhmans old Fif Flo days but damn. thats crazy

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1. motherfucker 2. ouo 3. schwarz bruder 4. likemypokemanz 5. Sonofrise 6. $$$$$$$$ 7. jaemz 8. (G)TRAP 9. Stellar 10. SquirtleSquad 11. drewkkake fuggit ledoit

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i'll be around cali in Nov and Dec.  get at me

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Announcing the Official Closure of The HYPEBEAST Forums - 8/31

Hey all, It is with a heavy heart that I must announce the official freeze of the forums. Over the years this community has gone through many ups and downs, but it is undeniable that messageboard culture has declined. You will be able to access everything and read through the memories, however new replies and threads will no longer be accepted. I just want to take the time to thank the thousands of members that made this place special over the past 10 years. This community has served as a second home to many of us, and over those years we have gone through a lot of shit together. Through roastings, tough-love and trolling, we have all had an undeniable impact on eachothers lives and I know most of us are better people because of the time we spent here. Whether you came to pour your hearts out over girl issues, to pull yourselves out of depression, or to just simply ask for fashion advice -- I thank you for looking to your peers for help out during the rough times.  I know this streetwear subculture really got out of hand in the past few years, but never forget that this started with us. We picked up where sneakerheads left off and we are the ones that developed the culture and elevated it to a point where the celebrities and the masses needed to be bout this life.  Shoutouts to all the young creatives that used this platform to better your lives and thanks for giving back to the community and the culture through participation in the industry. Brand owners, photographers, designers, rappers, etc., I wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors and hope your goals are more attainable through things learned here.  Thanks for the memories y'all. And don't hesitate to hit me up for anything.  ~DrewP

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effulgence - 2017 Discussion Thread

what was it i missed it

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Hidden Characters - 2017 Discussion Thread

yee i coudln't say rip off, but people always lurking and ready to capitalize off something familiar

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Hidden Characters - 2017 Discussion Thread

pics of the 10deep one, i must have missed

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delete my posts


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MVMT: Monthly Photo Contest (July 2017)

placeholder sup mando

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Picture/Video/Gif thread Vol. 5

nas is that your little mans?!

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County Of Milan Isle Map

nice, i think cartography is a lost art these days

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Hidden Characters - 2017 Discussion Thread

hc print on a blank paddle with that clear grip daaaaamn

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What Are You Wearing Today?


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Hidden Characters - 2017 Discussion Thread

HiddenChigga [Image]

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