The Official Cheese Thread

welcome 2 dee thread bout cheezez and shit. if you think cheese is the shit, then this is the thread for you. feel free to discuss cheese and its related topics, share cheesetastic recipes, and post pics of your favourite cheeses. because at the end of the day, who tha fuck doesn't like a big ol' piece of cheese to chew on!?!11!! starting this off with some sexy cheese pics: [Image] [B]yo[/B] if you think this thread is lame then youre takin yourself too seriously kthxbai

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custom snowboard paint job

hai guise my girl got given a pretty old niedecker board and decided to repaint it using montana hardcore + clash spray cans she made the stencil completely from scratch smokeyface [Image] the base colour is a lot darker than that, maybe moar pics if requested anybody thats gonna say "oh wow shit it's a hypebeast board", don't bother, bright colours is what snowboarding gear's about, go to any boardshop and see

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Nike sb belt

[Image] was thinking of coppin this, tried it on and it looked pretty good. need an honest opinion if yall think it's gonna be too flashy or hyphy or shit (not intended to be worn with my sb's) kthxbye

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backpack question

yo what's the actual intended use for that diamond shaped patch shit found on lux backpacks (visvim, preme) pic: [Image] not knowing its purpose has been pissing me off for so long lawlz thxblushing

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Jordan IV's or Clyde Archipelago?

gotta make a choice guize, help me out here plz thx these: [Image] cast your votes!

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Worst infrared fakes ever?!

theres probably worse but this is is worst i ever seen shit is weak [Image]

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yooo pretty sure no one's mentioned the surface 2 air x justice jeans that showed up on hb in april. designed by justice (french electro duo for those unaware) for the brand. nice detailing with the red rivets and button anyway i just found some in a store and im looking to buy them next week or something. im wanting the lighter colour ones that look like this :[Image] what do you all think?

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