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Sixpack France

Anyone out there have any first hand knowledge of the sizing of the sixpack france t-shirts? I wear a medium and when I compare the sizes listed on the sixpack website, the sizes aren't matching to the t-shirts that I wear. Any help would be appreciated. smokeyface

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Brands similar to...

Rapha Outlier Chrome Bags I'm looking for "urban" cycling brands that make apparel? Does anyone else know any others? Cheers!

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The Number to Heaven


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Well, it could be worse....

[URL] full of lulz!

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Apocalypse Now!

What's your take on the economic crisis going on? I thought it was bad a few months back when the feds bailed out Bear Stearns but as of today the shit has really hit the fan with loads of shit bound to hit in the future. Pull out your machetes, AK's and brass knuckles it's gonna get tough!

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Leather Boots

Hey guys, I'm looking to purchase a good pair of quality leather boots. I prefer boots that have a wodden bottom but synthetic is ok. Also I would prefer lace up rather than slip on. I was looking toward the Esquivel x Ever boots but I can't find any information on those [URL]. Can you guys recommend other boots or manufacturers that have similar style? Thanks.

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Official Who Prints on What

Here's the deal post the Brand followed by the type of shirt they use to print their designs on. I'm sure this will help those that need help with the fit of certain brands. I'll be editing this thread as it goes along so that all the info is on page #1 and not spread out. I'll begin... [B]Maiden Noir - slim fit similar to American Apparel Durkl - Alstyle[/B]

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Economic Meltdown

are you concerned over the looming economic meltdown? Discuss.

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